Wonderbly (use that link and type in Jenni Grainger at the checkout for £10 off your first book) recently sent Lucas a couple of books. Wonderbly make the most marvellous, magical children’s books… starring them! Just choose a story from their library of over 30 titles, then personalise it with a child’s name and a few other fun details, and KAZAM! Their very own book made just for them. They ship books worldwide to your doorstep, for a totally unique gift that’ll be treasured for many happily ever afters.


Wonderbly jack and the beanstalk personalised for Lucas


I chose Lucas and the Beanstalk, the classic tale of Jack and the Beanstalk retold. When creating the book, I could choose the hair colour and skin colour to create a character similar to Lucas. Lucas ventures up a beanstalk, where he must outwit a hungry giant. Lucas’ name features on every page. As well as his name, the letters also become part of the food to put the giant off his scent. C becomes a coconut, A becomes an avocado and S becomes a strawberry. But in this version, there’s a modern twist. Using courage, resourcefulness and empathy, Lucas helps the giant put his cooking skills to much better use. How? You’ll just have to find out…


Wonderbly Christmas wishes book


I also got a Christmas book to put away for his Christmas Eve box. I chose Christmas Wishes. Choose four festive wishes for a child to discover under the tree. A spellbinding personalised Christmas book that teaches children the true meaning of the season. Written in charming rhyming verse, and with illustrations that transport you to a wintry wonderland, it’s the perfect story to share together every Christmas. I chose Adventure, Joy, Strength and Compassion for Lucas. These have built a story of him travelling through a winter wonderland, encouraging him to travel far and wide, to take pleasure in each moment, to face his fears and help someone hurt, smile again.


Lucas sat reading Lucas and the Beanstalk book


Both of the books are so beautiful. I love the morals in each story and the books are incredible quality. All the Wonderbly books can have a personal message at the beginning and are available in soft and hardcover.

For your chance to win a book of your choice, enter using the app below. Good luck!


Win a peronalised book from Wonderbly


Personalised books from Wonderbly


63 Comments on Personalised books from Wonderbly – giveaway

  1. I love personalised books, they make any story seem more exiciting and relevant when the child spots ther name, I’d love to win for my great nephew

  2. My daughter loves it when her name turns up in books or on TV, so she would love this personalised book

  3. I love personalised books. The child can get into the character so much more. This would be perfect for our little nephew Reuben as I’m pregnant and we haven’t named our baby yet! 😀 x

  4. I would love one of these for my little boy what I love about them is you can change them to match your child as so so many books still only have white children in them whereas my son is mixed race.

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