Living in a small space and staying organised is definitely a big responsibility! Despite this, the rising popularity of living in a small home or studio remains unstoppable. After all, space today may be as precious as time, and this should never be a reason for anyone to live a very limited lifestyle. You just need to be smart. 

In order to make use of every square footage in small apartments, here are some tips that may come in handy.  

Keep Things Minimal

The very first thing to do when moving into a smaller space is to lessen the things you own. This can easily be done through decluttering. There are plenty of ways to get rid of unnecessary possessions, like the KonMari method. Practitioners of this popular decluttering method will often ask themselves if certain objects spark any joy to them. If the answer is no, then off to the bin these items go.  

Tip: avoid being wasteful—make sure that things will go to a better cause. Set up an online shop to sell the things you’re getting rid of for extra profit. This can be a good starting point for venturing into e-commerce without investing too much capital.  

Don’t Have Storage Space? Make One!

Storage space is one of the biggest problems that tiny home residents often face. What they don’t realise is that they can still get enough space for their things by being more creative. 

Doors, for example, have dozens of storage potential. Just hang a few hooks at the back for bags and coats, or get door shelves that serve as storage for tiny knick-knacks. Add storage under furniture using bins or wooden crates. Make use of walls to hang hats for functional wall decor that looks very chic. 

Befriend Bins and Baskets

 Baskets are excellent at keeping things out of sight while acting as excellent home-decor pieces. They can easily be moved around and tucked conveniently under tables, on shelves, or inside closets. Much like baskets, bins help keep clutter away and are perfect when dividing items into categories.  

Tip: use clear bins instead of opaque ones because it’s easier to see what’s inside them and they’re more aesthetically pleasing. Different-coloured bins can also be a fun way to colour-code bits and bobs according to groups. 


Ideas for Organising a Small Space

Think Double

Maximise tiny living spaces through dual-purpose furniture. Storage benches can be an excellent way to add more seating to small rooms while acting as a storage space. Foldable wooden chairs are useful when having extra guests around and can be wonderful shelves when not in use. There are so many options for multipurpose furniture, so you’ll never have to worry about storage space. 

Create Different Zones  

 Living in a studio apartment? Create different “zones” around the house to separate spaces according to their function. This will make it easier to organise while establishing different parts of the home without having to build any walls. For example, the living zone in the apartment can be the area around a cute Mediterranean rug.  

The couch can be a divider between the living area and the dining area. Rolling carts are moving dividers perfect for when you want an area of the house to be a temporary zone for a specific purpose. They’re also an excellent place to store smaller things. 

Tip: determine which part of the house is more likely to get foot traffic. Prioritise the area to have a bigger space to accommodate more people.  

 Make Use of Vertical Space

 Because horizontal space is scarce, vertical space is the way to go. Invest in shelves that will help keep books and small pieces in place. Ladder shelves look aesthetically pleasing and are excellent spaces on which to hang towels and air plants. 

 Install brackets, and place a piece of plywood in the closet space to add more storage. Don’t forget to add cute boxes and baskets on the shelves to store clothes that aren’t in season.  

Tip: there are plenty of YouTube channels that teach DIY projects to make shelves right at home. Just make sure to have the proper tools and sturdy materials.  

 Always Think Twice

 This is the most important thing to remember when maintaining a tiny living space. When thinking about getting something new, make sure that they serve multiple functions and don’t just duplicate what you already have. Of course, invest in durable pieces of furniture; those can last longer than cheaper ones will.  


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  1. Great ideas. I love this. Thanks for sharing your tips. It will definitely be helpful this summer when we plan to redecorate our place.

  2. So many great tips! I have a small closet and put up a rack for certain items and purses that aren’t in use. Shelving and bins are a huge help in other areas of the house.

  3. I’ve always wondered how people maximize a small space, these are really great and interesting tips thank you for sharing

  4. Oh yes! I always doing organized my things and this blog is very helpful to me because my knowledge has increased more. Thanks for sharing!

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