If you need additional living space, convert your garage. It is effortless and the less expensive way. Adding this conversion to the home requires planning permission so do chat with your local council. Changing requires only a building notice, as long as space is not made larger and the work gets done on the inside. All you would have to do is inform the building control officer who will meet with your builder to ensure that everything gets done correctly.

A conversion is an excellent way to add more living space to your home. Whether you have a child who needs their room, family members who are moving in with you, or only need space to spread out, it makes sense to convert the garage. In addition to adding living space to your home, you’ll also be adding value. If you ever decide to sell the home, buyers will appreciate the extra space. The value added to your home is often far more than the cost of the garage conversion.

If you’re one of the fortunate homeowners who have a double garage, you’ll be able to add even more living space. Some homeowners like to divide the space to create two additional living spaces, while others divide the space to create extra living space while retaining the remainder of the space for storage.

Conversion Ideas for Your Garage

Usually, people tend to convert their garage into an office space or study, playroom, or an extra bedroom. However, there are plenty of other ways to use the space as well. The ideas are virtually endless.

Of course, you have to consider how you plan to use the space and plan accordingly for lighting and outlets. The following are some excellent ideas for ways to use your converted garage space:

● A workout room.

● A home entertainment room. You can have speakers installed during the conversion process.

● An in-law apartment for ageing parents or grandparents

● A man cave or she-shed, for the man or woman who craves space to call their own

● An entertaining area for holidays, and other celebrations

What You’ll Be Spending

Factoring in the cost is essential during any home renovation. According to statistics, over 600,000 garages in the UK have already turned into living space. More than 25 percent of these have changed into bedrooms. Another 400,000 homeowners have plans to convert their garages at some point in 2020.

Several things will impact the cost. The contractor you hire, the materials you select, and the time it will take to complete the project will influence the price.

On average, you can expect to pay £13,500. However, costs can vary from a low of £7,500 to a high of £20,000. As you can see, there is a large gap between the lowest price and the higher price, as mentioned this is due to the choices you make when hiring a professional and the materials that you choose.

One thing to remember is that conversion cost is much less than the value it will add to the home.

To help you plan your budget, look over this garage conversion cost guide


How to Convert Your Garage and Add Value to Your Home


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  1. I have always tried to convince my parents to convert their garage, they have one which is huge and whilst it is full of ‘stuff’ it could be a decent two bed home!

  2. How cool would a cinema be if you have the space to convert your garage! We don’t have one in our current place but maybe in the future it could be an idea <3

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