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As a busy Mum, working and keeping Lucas occupied, getting time to go to an exercise class or gym can be a struggle. Now I’m spending time in France for the summer it’s even harder but I do find that I’ve been enjoying my app with exercise routines on because in reality, we can all spare half an hour to get some exercise done, we just usually choose to do something else, whether it’s mindlessly scrolling through social media or watching an episode of our favourite tv programme. The great thing about using an online trainer is that you don’t need to worry about other people in the class or gym, there’s no getting stuck in traffic or having to find childcare. It can be done with a small amount of time while Lucas is still around and it encourages him to do exercise and get used to seeing it as a healthy lifestyle.

Ian recently got in touch with me, a personal trainer that is local to me in Preston, Lancashire. He runs GymWolfPT and offers personal training in Preston or online by providing bespoke and tailored training and nutrition to meet his client’s goals, whilst working around their busy schedules and everyday commitments.

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The Online Get Fit Club

What surprised me about this plan is the affordability of it! For £7.99 a month (the price I used to pay for one exercise class!) you get an abundance of gym and home-based workouts split into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

It’s not only exercise support you get, you also get specific diet plans taking into account your current bodyweight, gender, dietary requirements and goals.

There are hundreds of healthy recipes split into breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, snacks and also vegan, vegetarian, low carb, low fat, high protein, chicken and seafood.

It really is a holistic plan rather than just personal training, there are health and fitness articles that cover topics ranging from diabetes to intermittent fasting to muscle recovery to fat loss techniques.

There are ebooks to cheat sheets to recipe books to workout blueprints, the Get Fit Club is stacked with downloadable books, sheets and documents.

Competitions are also regularly added where Get Fit Club members can win health and fitness related prizes.

If you feel you want some support or peers doing the plan there is a private online Get Fit Club Facebook group to learn, motivate, help and make friends with like minded individuals. That’s pretty impressive for only £7.99 a month! Just cutting out one bottle of wine or takeaway would cover the cost of it. Click here to get full unlimited access to the Online Get Fit Club for only £4.99 a month

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Online Personal Training

If you prefer 1-1 training, you can get this through the online personal training which starts at £20 a month which is significantly lower than you would pay in a gym as typically a 1-1 personal training session would cost between £40-£50. GymWolfPT Online Personal Training works around you, your schedule and your commitments. Train at the gym, train at home, train whenever and wherever you like! What works for you, works!

Ian starts with a questionnaire to find out where you currently are at, where you want to get to, what your current schedule, commitments, injuries, training experience and available equipment is.

Ian then tailors a workout plan; completely specific to you, your goals and your busy schedule. He also reviews your current eating habits, ahead of providing a tailored nutritional plan, help and advice. He adjusts the plan until it is perfect for you.

If you have an issue or problem you can discuss it immediately, and don’t have to wait until your next session to address it. The GymWolf Online Personal Training App has powerful built in messaging functionality. Click here to get the standard online personal training for £50 instead of £70

Ian has very kindly offered to give three lucky readers a membership of the Online Get Fit Club
1st Prize – Lifetime membership to Online Get Fit Club
2nd Prize – 12 months membership to Online Get Fit Club
3rd Prize – 6 months membership to Online Get Fit Club
To enter, use the app below x



Join the online Get Fit Club and have access to exercise routines, meal plans and support wherever you are #personaltrainer


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  1. This would be ideal, with 7 children already and onther due in October, getting out to the gym is hard! This would be perfect to work around the children at home, and to help me get back into shape once baby is born 🙂

  2. yes please am currently trying to lose weight and ive gone from 12st 5 to 11st 11 in 3 weeks and this would aid in my goal to lose weight x

  3. I do my half hour workout first thing every morning. It doesn’t take long to get into the routine, so much so that I end up missing it, physically, if I can’t get it done for some reason. This app sounds fab!

  4. What a fabulous idea and what great value. I love exercise and really need to find the time to fit it into my day. This might be the motivation that i’m looking for. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  5. What a great idea and a fab price too! I love the idea of having something so personalised to me but something that I can do from home etc. It sounds like there is so much help and advice right at your fingertips with this!

  6. This is one of the things that I’m so happy we have the technology to be able to create- online communities that really help people. Something like this would be ideal for those who cant afford or cant get to a PT xxx

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