It’s not looking like we will be having a Spring or Summer any time soon but it doesn’t mean we need to stay indoors. We know not to rely on the weather in the UK so how can we make our gardens a little more welcoming throughout the year and get out for some fresh air? I’ve been thinking of some ideas 

Putting a dome shelter, awning or canopy up in the garden can both protect from the suns rays (if we ever get any) and also from the rain meaning you shelter from the wind and rain and still enjoy being outdoors


Don’t let the gloomy weather deter you from your garden


A play house, children can stay sheltered whilst playing. There are a couple on offer in Groupon’s latest garden deals so a perfect time to get one ready for the Summer holidays

Solar lights can make a gloomy space a lot prettier and a fire pit can keep you warm on a colder day as well as giving a cosy feel and they are mesmerising to watch too


Don’t let the gloomy weather deter you from your garden


Make a bug hotel to encourage the wildlife and get the little ones involved

Get a mud kitchen, get the children to put on their scruffy clothes and waterproofs and enjoying getting their hands on playing with mud and water, while also developing important physical, social and emotional skills.

Set up an obstacle course.

Play catch, football or throw a frisby.

Do some chalk drawings on the flagged floor.

Make fairy houses out of plant pots.

Build sand castles in a sand pit.

Build a den.

Do a scavenger hunt, looking for y shaped twigs, heart shaped stones, birds, spiky objects and various leaves.

Use a camera to take photos around the garden of the wildlife you find.

Make pictures and get crafty from leaves and flowers you collect.



Don’t let the gloomy weather deter you from your garden



9 Comments on Don’t let the gloomy weather deter you from your garden

  1. Wow, a fire pit would be awesome to have but with a toddler sound, we would go for the solar lights.

  2. I can not wait until I get a house so I can make some time to spend in the garden, I’d love to have some sort of wendy house/ area I can work in the garden for a change of scenery x

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