Sapporo Teppanyaki Manchester review. The chef is cooking veg on the hot plate


Travelling to Manchester, to eat Japanese food in February, when it’s 20 degrees is not something, I thought I would ever write. The un-seasonal weather has been a pleasant surprise, so we were in great spirits when we arrived at Sapporo Teppanyaki.


Sapporo Teppanyaki Manchester review. The chef is cooking egg fried rice on the hot plate


We were seated around the hot plate and given menus. The décor is laid back and welcoming. With our appetites intrigued we placed our drinks order and set to work on picking our dishes from the wide selection. Whilst perusing, another couple were seated next to us and looked equally excited at what was in store for them.


Sapporo Teppanyaki Manchester review. The chef is at the hot plate with huge orange flames


We ordered Chicken Karaage for Lucas, which is chicken marinated in soy sauce and garlic and cooked in a light oil. It was served with Sapporo sauté potatoes and a BBQ dipping sauce. The chef also passed him some egg fried rice.


Sapporo Teppanyaki Manchester review. The soup and bed I’m separate bowls


D ordered the Emperor tasting menu. This included miso wakame soup, nigiri sushi, barbecue ribs, smoked chicken roll, lobster, beef fillet, jumbo prawns and chicken fillet. It came served with egg fried rice, stir fried vegetables and potatoes.


Sapporo Teppanyaki Manchester review. The veg tempura and spring roll next to bowls of dips


I ordered the Shojin Ryori tasting menu. This was a vegetarian tasting menu that includes salad, vegetable spring roll, vegetable tempura and vegetable hoso. I could choose between tofu steak and kimono roll, I opted for the kimono roll. It was also served with stir fried veg, egg fried rice and potatoes.


Sapporo Teppanyaki Manchester review. Kimono rolls with peanut sauce


The chef came out with the ingredients and we were immediately treated to a huge fire ball as he lit the hotplate, Lucas was amazed!


Sapporo Teppanyaki Manchester review. Beef and lobster


D’s wakame soup came which I had a little taste of. It was delicious and wonderfully presented with a tasty namasu salad.


Sapporo Teppanyaki Manchester review. Chocolate rolls with squirty cream and fruit garnish


Our stir fried vegetables and potatoes where cooked in front of us. The chef made a game out of this and threw potatoes into everyone’s mouths sat around the table. It was hilarious and amazing to see how competitive everybody is when it comes to catching a sliced potato in their mouth. Lucas couldn’t stop laughing.


Sapporo Teppanyaki Manchester review. Cheesecake


The majority of my tasting menu was cooked in the back kitchen, as was Lucas’ meal but D’s was cooked in front of us on the hot plate and passed to him as and when it was ready.

We finished off with cheesecake and hot chocolate rolls which were divine.


Sapporo Teppanyaki Manchester review. D and Lucas smiling and looking at the chef that you can’t see on the photo


We all really enjoyed our meal. The food was fantastic as was the atmosphere, the restaurant had got busy during our stay and everybody was having a great time. If your ever in Manchester I strongly recommended dining here, you won’t be disappointed. They also have restaurants in Glasgow and Liverpool.


Sapporo Teppanyaki Manchester review. #Japanesefood #manchester #lovesapporo

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