lucas lying on his changing mat smiling at the camera wearing blue jeans, red tshirt and navy and white stripy cardigan

Lucas is wearing his Next jeans that I am obsessed with here and a red t shirt that I bought from Next as a pack of three. The t shirt has a cute little pocket on it and feels beautifully soft, although no matter how many times I wash it, bits of material still rub off under Lucas’ chubby chin. His swimming tutor thought he was hiding berries to eat later!

I have teamed it with a blue and white stripy cardigan with red detailing that we bought on Sunday from Mothercare for £14.

As Lucas has started kicking his shoes off constantly I have given up on putting them on so over his socks he has SockOns, they are made of a thin elasticised material that lock the socks in place so he can’t pull them off.


Hope you have all had a good week, we have just caught up on all the washing from being away last week and cooking some meals to freeze for Lucas later. We started mum and baby yoga on Tuesday which was fun x

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10 Comments on What Lucas Wore #7

  1. Ah he is so cute, I actually add these but didn’t get around to using them. They look good on lucas. I like his little jeans 🙂 #Weekendministyle

  2. Oh so so cute! I love the little jeans! We have some sock ons for Zach too – they’ve been a lifesaver! Xx #weekendministyle

  3. Ahh I love the colours – red and dark blue always goes so well. Next baby jeans are great, I used to dress Tyler in them when he was Lucas’s age! That’s funny how he kicks off his shoes. Mum and baby yoga is brill, you’ll love it! Sabrina xx #TT_Thursday #weekendministyle

  4. Such a lovely outfit, he’s looking more and more grown up each week. I swore by sock on’s with Leah after loosing so many socks with Lewis, fantastic product! Thanks for sharing #TT_Thursday

  5. Aww he looks so cute and happy. Love the colours, and those socks sound like a great idea. If Clem isn’t wearing shoes she’s always taking her socks off. I’m forever finding them around the house.x #weekendministyle

  6. Aw what a lovely outfit! He really suits stripes and those colours are fab. These jeans look super comfy and stylish at the same time. Sometimes baby jeans can look a bit uncomfortable and stiff but these look lovely and soft. Eeeeek baby socks! Is there anything cuter?! Thanks so much for linking up with us lovey and hope you had a great weekend ☺️ #weekendministyle

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