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I recently received a pair of sock ons and a dribble on for Lucas to try out.

The sock ons have been a great addition to Lucas’ outfits as he finds it hilarious to pull his socks off and is kicking one shoe off before I get chance to finish putting the other on. Sock ons are made from a softly woven elasticised material fitting over the sock. They are easy to put on and really work, Lucas hasn’t managed to pull his socks or the sock ons off. They are also perfect for baby carrying when I know there is no chance Lucas will keep his shoes on. I feel reassured knowing his feet are covered and warm with his socks and sock ons. They come in 13 colours so baby can always be co-ordinated.

The dribble on feels beautifully soft, it is made with a blend of cotton and terry towelling. It has been designed with 2 stud fastenings to grow with the baby. The dribble ons looks smarter than an ordinary bib design and does exactly what it is meant to do. Lucas has been dribbling a lot recently and the dribble on kept him dry, no moisture managed to soak through. It has also washed very well, staying soft and absorbent. They have various colours and patterns in the range to go with any outfit.

The sock ons family also have mocc ons, moccasin style slippers socks and plod ons, crawling pads to protect baby’s knees. They also have CongratulatiOns which is the perfect gift of sock ons in a congratulations card. My only suggestion would be a neutral CongratulatiOns in the collection as I like to buy gifts in advance and don’t always know the sex of the baby x


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