Trends come and go, but there a few clothing items that will always be in style. For 2018, make sure your wardrobe is full of essential fashion pieces that can be co-ordinated to suit a myriad of looks and be worn all year round. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to look great either, just keep an eye out for these classic items that are definitely worth investing in.


Fashion essentials worth investing in for 2018. a woman sitting down on a white chair when wodden legs. She is wearing black heels and pop socks, dark skinny jeans, a black poloneck jumper with a camel coat draped over


A classic camel coat

Camel coats are timeless and look good all year round. They instantly pull any outfit together, and since they’re a neutral colour, they also go with everything. They also come in a huge range of styles, from below the knee, waist length, with buttons or a belt and trench coat styles. This look is still as fresh as ever and a classic camel coat is a must-have for any wardrobe. If you’re not sure what style suits you, here’s a quick guide to give you some inspiration.

A good pair of trainers

If your wardrobe is stocked with pumps, high heels and flats it’s time to re-think your footwear for 2018. There’s no need to be uncomfortable this year, instead throw on a pair of comfy trainers and get ready to walk easy. A cute pair of women’s trainers will go with just about everything, from skirts and dresses to skinny jeans and capris. If you still haven’t got a pair, have a look at the trainers from Tu at Sainsbury’s for designs that come in a range of colours and patterns.


There are few things more fun than clothes shopping. Shopping for a skirt is especially interesting because you can find them in so many lengths and styles. To find one that is right for you takes a little time, though. You have to select the right cut for your body type, such as a pencil skirt to highlight your hips or a mini skirt to show off your legs. It is also important to pick a skirt you know you can rely on for more than one use. The best skirt is one that can flip from formal to casual when you need it to. It should also go with various tops and accessories to help you make a new outfit each time you pull it out of your closet.

Layering pieces

Layering well can be an art form as you need to know which item goes with what – and which won’t make you look like a human marshmallow. It’s a method that works for every season, as whenever you get too hot you can easily take off the top layer. For 2018, invest in thin turtle neck jumpers, blanket wrap scarves, thick cardigans and button-down blouses – each of which are easily interchangeable and can be dressed up or down. If you’re still stuck, take a look at Who What Wear’s 12 new outfit formulas to help you navigate the layering world.


Fashion essentials worth investing in for 2018. A woman wearing a black leather kacket with a long line khaki top underneath, layered over a neutral top. Denim skinny jeans and over the knee black boots. She is holding a metalic bag and standing against a grey wall on grey flagged flooring


Over-the-knee boots

Over-the-knee boots have never been more on trend, and luckily they make the perfect outfit building block. This style of boot goes with a huge range of pieces, and can be worn with skinny jeans, leggings, skirts, dresses and even shorts. They’re definitely an essential for 2018, creating their own fashion trend that isn’t going away anytime soon. Invest in a decent pair that you can dress up or down, wear to work or out for dinner. A good pair of over-the-knee boots will look great with your layered outfit and classic camel coat – this how-to-guide is great if you’re looking for some inspiration on styling them.

Have you updated your wardrobe yet? These fashion essentials will make choosing an outfit in 2018 a breeze x


Fashion essentials worth investing in for 2018



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12 Comments on Fashion essentials worth investing in for 2018

  1. Those over the knee boots are amazing, I really should update my wardrobe and you’ve given me some great ideas on what I need to buy now.

  2. I love all these tips. I’m a big fan of layering and have lots of trainers. I definitely need to invest in a quality camel coat and would love some flat OTK boots as mine are quite high heeled.

  3. A good pair of boots are always a sound investment. I have had my current pair for 3 years and they are still going strong

  4. Over-the-knee boots are my go-to footwear for the moment – they’re so versatile, and can be worn dressy or casual. I have a heeled pair in black and a flat pair in grey. I do fear that I sometimes look like a pirate wearing them, but hey ho! x

  5. I always love wearing comfy shoes! I’ve seen the trainees worn with skirts lately, that it seems like they go hand in hand!

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