I love vintage and antique jewellery. It is so beautiful and if I do ever get engaged I would love a vintage garnet engagement ring rather than a modern diamond ring. I like to look at vintage jewellery online and one place that I’ve recently spotted is Carus Jewellery. We also often go round antique centres when we are home in the uk and we come across vintage clip on earrings a lot. These are so very beautiful but I think many people discard them as an option now as most people have their ears pierced. Choosing antique jewellery can be a bit like choosing a designer bag as it’s something you want to treasure for years.

Vintage earrings can have great appeal but if they are clip-ons then they may stay stuck in a jewellery box. Try a creative approach to wearing this jewellery.

Vintage earrings can be found at the bottom of a mother or grandmother’s jewellery box, in charity shops, and vintage shops. Purchase the earrings that have a personal appeal, meaning they’ll get worn.

If the earrings are particularly dear to the owner, it would be best to try these techniques when at home rather than wearing the look to work or a party and risk losing the earrings. Because of their configuration, screw-back earrings are little more challenging to adapt, be willing to experiment.

Change the Earring Backs to Pierced

Although this may be the most obvious option, it involves an individual to posses the tools and skills to do this or it requires hiring someone to carry out the task.

Clip Earrings to Shoes

Depending on the sizing and style of the shoe, the earrings can be attached near the front of the shoe, the side, or the back by the heel. Try this before heading out for the evening. If the earring back is pressing into the top of the foot or wearing a blister by the heel, it doesn’t matter how great the look.

Use Vintage Earrings as Hair Accessories

My favourite way to use clip on earrings. Style hair as desired and then attach the earrings into the hairstyle. Anchor them in place with a bobby pin. Several different vintage earrings could be worn together for a sparkling and luxurious look.

Add Some Bling to Lingerie

Clip a single earring between bra cups. Attach a pair to the bra straps, either in front near the cups or in back by the band. Attach a single earring to the waistband a pretty pair of knickers. Use a couple of earrings to clip the two sides of a delicate robe shut (or partly shut).

Decorate a Shirt Collar

Attach a matching pair of earrings to the collar of a blouse. Because of the extra weight at the top of the shirt, keep the shirt buttoned high or the fabric may flop from side-to-side.

Bedazzle a Neckline

On a collarless shirt, clip a pair of earrings close together to give the look of a single decorative brooch.

Clip onto a Simple Cocktail Dress

Add some interest to a plain dress by attaching vintage earrings along the neckline or even to the back of the dress, particularly if it is scooped or in a deep ‘v.’

Add Sparkle to Necklaces and Bracelets

Clip matching or complementary vintage earrings to a chunky chain or pearl necklace. Use double-sided tape that will hold the earrings in place without damaging any of the jewellery.

Adorn a Purse or Evening Bag

Clip an earring or a few onto the strap, as a zipper pull, or anywhere else it will stay in place.

Wear the Clip-on Earrings

Try wearing them as they were meant to be worn…as earrings.

Adding a vintage clip-on earring to a shirt, purse, shoe, undergarment, etc. give the piece a new use and a new look. Some vintage pieces will really stand out on their own, so make certain not to clutter up one’s look and allow the earrings to shine.


How to get wear from clip on vintage earrings from wearing them as earrings, decorating your clothes and using as beautiful hair accessories


14 Comments on How to get wear from clip on vintage earrings

  1. My mom have a clip on earrings on her jewelry box I will ask her to give me that pairs and will do these tips, thanks for sharing!

  2. I’m allergic to all metals on my ear area. So I quit using earrings a looooong time ago. I’ve always wanted to find clip ones though! These are super cute.

  3. That’s a great idea to clip them on a vintage dress. There’s more than one use for so many things, but I never thought about it with clip ons. Cool!

  4. These are all great ways to recycle clip on earrings. I will have to look in my mom’s closet for her clip on earrings. I know she has some of them somewhere.

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