We live in such a beautiful part of the world but that doesn’t stop me wanting to show Lucas different places and experience various cultures.

To travel without spending a fortune is an achievement. With the skyrocketing prices of everything, it seems that a cheap travel experience can happen once in a blue moon, but not if you are aware of the ways to get cheap travel offers and deals.

So, to make your dream of travelling without going broke possible, consider the following ideas for cheap travel. These tips can serve as helpful guidelines about planning your trip and financing your travel on a budget.

Flight deals

Find airlines that let you subscribe to their promo alerts, so you will have the opportunity to learn more about low fares. As a result, you will spend less to fly and enjoy cheap travel. There are also flight offer sites such as Scott’s Flights (this seems better for the US airports), I have added in 2 local airports to me in the UK and 2 in France and neither are supported. There is also Expedia which seems better worldwide and if you have a specific destination in mind but not a time scale, you can track destinations on Google flights.

Travel off-peak

Not always possible with children in school but if possible looks at various times and days for going places. Often flights are cheaper midweek and accommodation cheaper in school terms.


Do comprehensive research and planning. The Internet can be an invaluable source of travel promos and cheap travel packages. So, if you are always online, chances are that you can get the earliest updates about cheap bookings.

Travel light

Don’t bring too much luggage and unnecessary stuff. With most airlines charging separately for luggage, try to take as little as possible. Make the most of the room you have in your carry on luggage.

Be aware of your expenses

Look around for the best credit cards for air miles. Using these to pay for items can result in plenty of miles to claim, just make sure you pay the balance off in full each month. Even supermarket loyalty cards convert points into hotel or travel vouchers. Join loyalty programmes with hotels as well such as Marriot Rewards and Hotels. com where you earn free nights when booking nights.

Use your house

Whilst you are away, put your home on Airbnb, your home could earn you enough to pay for your trip away. You could also join one of the home exchange sites

House Sitting

We are currently housesitting in Bergerac, France for 10 days over Christmas and new year. Using Trusted House Sitters, you can apply for house and pet sitting worldwide, getting your accommodation for free. That link will get you 25% discount but you can also use the code RAF282680. The cost of the annual membership is similar to a one night stay in a hotel so well worth the money and you can apply for as many house sits as you like through the year.

Check the cheapest way to get around your destination

Once you have arrived at your destination, use public transport rather than private taxi’s. If you are hiring a car, don’t just get the one from the airport where prices are significantly hiked up. Research other ways to hire a car, for example cheapest way to hire a car in France is from one of the supermarkets.

Travel to cheaper destinations

This is going to vary depending on where you live but don’t go to all the places that are popular and prices are high. Go where the cheap flights or car journey take you and enjoy investigating new places that aren’t full of tourists.

Convert your currency wisely

We use TransferWise to convert out currency. It is a borderless bank account that you get a debit card with. They use the real-time exchange rate as you’ll find on independent source is like Google, XE, and Yahoo Finance. (Their fees are as low as 0.35%.) You can hold and manage money in more than 50 currencies. This lets you avoid exchange rate movements and prep for future transfers.

I have also recently started using Revolut. They don’t believe in financial borders, so they let you spend abroad in over 150 currencies with the interbank exchange rate, with a small 0.5% fee for anything above £6,000 each month. A flat mark-up on weekends and on certain currencies may apply. Although ATM withdrawals cost them money, they give you £200 a month in international ATM withdrawals for free. Anything over £200 attracts a small 2% fee to help cover their costs. They can also help with insurance, from your health to your phone, they’ll make sure you and the things you love are protected worldwide from as little as £1.00 per day. Insurance provided by Revolut Travel Ltd. The free card and app also help you with budgeting and can round up pennies to the nearest pound to help you save.

You can literally save hundreds and thousands of pounds if you become aware of the cheap travel destinations. As a result, you will find contentment at the end of the trip because you will have successfully managed your expenses, just as planned.


How to travel on a budget and simple ways to travel cheaply from flights and accommodation worldwide including free house sitting


9 Comments on How to travel on a budget

  1. There are so many wonderful places to see that are not so expensive. I love the tips, and the one about the carry on luggage is near and dear to my heart. The fees for everything on flights has become the norm and it really jacks up the prices of your tickets overall, esp. if you are traveling as a family.

  2. amazing tips, i love visiting new places and am always on a budget. my favourite thing is to look on skyscanner and find the cheapest flights and just go for it, i’ve had some real bargains. EAting where the locals eat is one of my top tips, that is usually where you find the cheapest and the best food. Looking forward to reading more about your adventures x

  3. Awesome tips!!! I’m always trying my best to travel off season, or at least as close to off season as possible! Crazy how much you can save!!

    • It’s nice to go off season too, because the lines are so much easier to endure. The difference in the off-season and tourist time is astounding. You lose so much time waiting in ques if you go during the ‘hot trip’ times.

  4. Thank you for all of these great tips. I would love to go travelling more, but finance is a real struggle as a student so this is great! Will be saving this to refer back to in the near future. 🙂

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