We are currently in France and staying for a couple of months, we flew over so needed to hire a car once here. When I got quotes from the various car hire companies at the airport, the cheapest I could find was £850. I had heard that supermarkets in France hire out cars so I thought I would see the price difference and it’s a huge saving.

Where the airport hire companies advertise as approx £10-£15 a day for a small eco car, the supermarkets where saying from €4 a day!

If you aren’t fluent in French, it is a lot more difficult to get from the supermarkets but still doable and I think the savings make it worthwhile. When I looked on my phone I couldn’t get anywhere but when I looked on a desktop computer, it allowed me to automatically translate the website from French to English.

We flew into Bergerac airport so I went with Leclerc which is approximately 15 minutes drive from the airport. We have hired a Renault Clio and it has cost us €150 to hire for 4 weeks and the we pay for the kilometres that we use. I estimated what it would cost us for the full 53 days and it will be about £450 which is a saving of £400 compared to the airport rentals!

The deposit is bigger that you have to give credit card details for as it’s €1200 rather than £300 that the airport companies tend to charge but they give you information how much will be hatched for what damages etc so that’s a bit more reassuring. They wouldn’t let me hire it for more than 30 days though, even when I was in the office so I’m going in to renew the contract after 30 days for the next 23 days.

I also hired a car seat for Lucas which was €10 as opposed to around £50 which the airport hire companies charge. As well as Leclerc, there is also Super U and Carrefour to try depending on where you want to hire from x





The cheapest way to hire a car in France #france #carhire


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  1. Not a bad price that for car hire over there! I’ve only ever taken my own when we go over on the ferry but it’s good to know it wouldn’t cost the earth if we did fly!

  2. I can’t believe the difference in price!

    We hired one in Portugal and it cost £40 for 4 days. When we’ve looked at hiring a bigger car in the UK for camping the cost was astronomical!

    Have a wonderful time in France x

  3. That sure is a bargain. Last time we were in France we took our car but hiring seems like cheaper option especially at this price.

  4. Wow how cheap is the car hire over in France!! This makes a holiday out there very affordable for sure xx

  5. Wow, that is pretty expensive trying to hire at the airport, thanks for the tips definitely will consider this in the future.

  6. We hired a car in France and were not prepared for the pedals to be the opposite way around – cue much kangaroo hopping and stalling!!! Next time we are going for an automatic!! (and one with satnav in English)

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