I’ve talked about breastfeeding previously and about falling out of love with breastfeeding. Those first few days are horrendous and without the support of D and the local breastfeeding support worker, I don’t think I would have lasted more than a week. I feel lucky that I managed to continue and after a couple of months, I started expressing so that D could have some bonding time over feeding with Lucas. Expressing could be a faff and took ages at times so when we ever spilt a storage bag it was like we had spilt precious gold and when we were pouring from bag to bottle we were trying to get every last drop in.

Thankfully, Tommee Tippee have come up with Express and Go. Express and Go uses a single pouch to express, store, warm and feed meaning you don’t lose a drop of milk. By taking on the storing, warming and feeding responsibility, Dad can not only give breast feeding Mum some well-deserved me-time but they can be more involved in those precious feeding moments that are essential for parent-baby bonding.

Head of Marketing at Tommee Tippee, Kiera Day, said: To celebrate World Breast Feeding Week we’ve commissioned a photo shoot using real-life Dads to capture honest and intimate feeding moments between Dad and Baby. We all know Dad has a special role to play in baby feeding but it’s understandable if he sometimes feels left out, especially as 76% of mums feel breastfeeding is vital to bonding with their baby. The Express and Go system allows Dad to be more involved with those precious moments of which the photography captures brilliantly.

World breastfeeding week

Real life parents Lara and Jonathon from Sunderland took part in the Tommee Tippee Dad’s Got This photoshoot. Jonathon said: It’s great that a brand is championing Dads role in early parenting. Both Otto and I have loved being part of the Dad’s Got This campaign and the ease of the Express and Go system means it’s not just nappy changes for me from now on… I’ve got this!


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  1. What a fab thing to come up with my husband felt awful when i was completely knackered and couldn’t do much to help and going out without me was a complete nightmare this will be a huge hit wish it was around when I had my little one x

  2. Fab product to have and like you said, it’s great that dads are able to use it too. This will also help them bond more with their babies too 🙂

  3. This is so cute. Hubby never got to feed our baby 🙁 My little one is two years old now and she still breastfeeds before bed and in the morning but she never ever took a bottle. I have a massive collection of them, in all shapes and sizes but we never managed to get her to have one. It would have made our breastfeeding journey a tiny bit easier and given daddy the chance to experience the magic of these moments xx

  4. I love this idea for so many reasons.
    Firstly, I managed to breastfeed for 3 days with my first and with very little support I gave up. It was such a bad experience that I didn’t try with my second as I was pretty terrified.
    This idea makes me happy because I considered exclusively expressing but was told it was too long and time consuming so maybe this would be helpful in that step? Who knows. If I have number 3, I will have a lot to consider!

    Emmie xo

  5. I think dad’s can help so much when it comes to breastfeeding. My husband used to always settle my children back to sleep during the night. I know what you mean about the milk being like gold so it is good there’s a product to help avoid losing any milk for those who need to express.

  6. This is really interesting, great to hear that there’s a support system for that kind of stuff and that you’ve got another option to make it all a bit easier!

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