Who doesn’t love a great marriage proposal story? The engagement proposal is one of the most monumental events in the lives of every happily married couple. Having said that, do proposals need to be a surprise to be great and memorable? And if they do, to what extent?

When couples decide to marry, it’s among the biggest life decisions they’ll ever make. For some couples, this decision may involve one partner popping the big question and hoping for a positive answer. For others, it requires an extensive discussion and evaluation of each person’s preparedness and willingness to commit.

However, things aren’t always black and white. If you’re ready to take the next step towards being engaged with your partner, you may be wondering if a surprise proposal is your best option.

Understanding the idea of a surprise engagement proposal

A surprise engagement proposal is a wide term that can imply a lot of things. One of the things a surprise proposal shouldn’t be is a complete shock to your partner.

If you’re thinking you can just go down on your knee, present your beloved with a stunning sapphire engagement ring, and expect a positive answer, then you may not have the right idea about what a surprise proposal should really be.

A proper marriage proposal requires some homework beforehand. For instance, your partner may not be quite ready to get engaged, and if the subject has never come up naturally, you may be taking a huge risk. The absence of this conversation may also mean that your partner still isn’t entirely comfortable with the whole idea of marriage.

Before you decide on planning a surprise proposal, talk to your partner about the possibility of spending your future together. If you’re worried you’ll give away more than you’d want, at least graze the subject and get a hint of your partner’s feelings about it. After you’ve established that marriage is a direction you’re both willing to take, you can now plan out a proposal, which can still have several elements of surprise.

Below are just some of the elements that can remain a mystery:

The ring

One of your biggest considerations when planning a surprise proposal is, of course, the ring. This also tends to be the most powerful element of the proposal. Before deciding on a ring, you’ll want to have a better idea of the type of engagement ring your darling wants without revealing your intentions.

The time and date

Since your partner is aware of your plans to marry, they may expect the engagement to take place on an existing special day, such as on your anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or another significant day in your relationship. You have the advantage of picking any date and time, so use this edge and add to the surprise element by making it unexpected.

The venue

Planning on a perfect place where the proposal is going to happen is another great surprise element. You can take your partner to a fancy restaurant or book a romantic holiday. Just make sure to keep your cool and not reveal anything until you’re ready to pop the question.

Not everything has to be a surprise when it comes to proposals

Knowing deep within your hearts that you’re ready to spend the rest of your life together is the key ingredient to a successful proposal, whether it’s a surprise or not. So, to answer the question: yes and no. Some elements of the engagement proposal can remain a surprise, but the whole idea of spending your lives together should be something you need to discuss beforehand.


Should Engagement Proposals Be a Surprise?

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1 Comment on Should Engagement Proposals Be a Surprise?

  1. I tend to think the surprise element is overrated. There’s something about being asked at the right time when your relationship is sufficiently developed and deep enough. That said, a surprise proposal can be a lot of fun and you have a story for life then.

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