Busy schedules and responsibilities can easily vie for your attention and make it difficult to enjoy your much-needed self-care time. However, it’s essential to spend time taking care of yourself, especially on your beauty routine. You don’t have to feel guilty for making time for yourself and giving your skin the attention it deserves with some of the best skincare and beauty products.

Opt for multi-purpose skincare products

If you don’t have a lot of time to spare, then you can prioritise getting the best skincare and beauty products. Multifunctional skincare products are great because they save you a lot of time and money. Try switching your various products for a multi-purpose one, like a moisturising SPF that does the work of both a lotion and sunblock, a hydrating toner that allows you to forgo moisturiser after toning, or a shampoo that also functions as a body wash.

Most of the Missha BB cream and cushion products have SPF so you can save time on the last step of your daytime skincare routine that involves applying sunscreen. You can buy time-saving Missha products here .

Prioritise skin concerns

You only have 24 hours in a day, and it’s up to you to spend it wisely. Priorities are arranged based on how valuable a thing or activity is to now. No matter how busy you are, prioritising health and beauty will become easy if you value them. You will find the time and ways to squeeze in some beauty rituals consistently.

If time is an issue, at least start by checking your skin problems. Here are some skin issues you should prioritise:
● Wrinkles
● Dark spots
● Acne
● Freckles
● Flaky skin

Start with getting rid of your skin issues, then if you get more opportunity or time to do skincare, do prevention. Aside from treatments, you should prioritise on avoiding the same problems in the future.

Add your skincare routine into your daily, weekly and monthly planner

Busy women need to plan every minute of the day. Make a habit of adding your morning and nighttime skincare routine into your planner. Aside from that, you should plan what kind of skin you want to have in the future.

Having a beauty framework will also help you remain consistent with your skincare goals, even if you may need to make some changes and tweaks along the way. Write down your skincare goals and intentions, whether you want to clear up acne within a year, or keep your skin youthful for a decade. By doing this, you will have a framework on which products, methods, and how much scheduling you can organize to achieve your skincare goals.

Learn the basics

The leading skincare experts are considered to be the Koreans. Like most Asian countries, Korea has skincare as part of its colourful culture. They start at a young age, and they train their children when they get older. If you’re too busy to do a ten-step Korean skincare routine, you should at least get the basics down.

Here is a rundown on the daily skincare routine, which you can use as a guide to doing your custom regimen:
● Double-cleanse with oil and water cleansers
● Neutralise pH level with a mild toner
● Exfoliate dead skin cells at least once a week
● Prepare your skin with an essence
● Treat your skin problems with serums and ampoules
● Apply hydrating and brightening sheet mask
● Lighten the dark circles under your eyes with eye cream
● Use a hydrating moisturiser to seal in the skincare
● Apply sunscreen or sun protection during morning
● Use a night cream or sleeping mask before bedtime

The key steps are cleansing, toning, moisturising, and sunscreen. All the other steps are considered optional, and you can do them at your discretion.

Go for natural and sustainable skincare

Many kitchen products also function well as a beauty product. For example, you can easily make homemade body​ scrubs or face masks using ingredients like oatmeal, honey, and fruit extracts instead of buying chemically-treated and disposable sheet masks. Furthermore, using natural products saves you money and the time needed for purchasing beauty products.

Being too busy is never an excuse to let yourself go. Having healthy and beautiful skin also depends mostly on your commitment to achieving and maintaining it. Streamlining and keeping a minimalist skincare routine help reach your beauty goals, no matter how busy your schedule is.


The Busy Woman's Skincare Routine


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