Slim and Save started online in 2008 and has grown into one of the leading diet meal replacement companies in the UK. There are three plans to choose from.


Slime and save snack bar and coffee


The Slim and Save Lifestyle Plan allows for three of their food packs each day along with a low carbohydrate meal. The Lifestyle Plan is ideal if you want to sit down and have a meal with your family or if you think you will miss having a conventional meal each day. The food packs can be anything from their range of shakes, meals, soups and bars. There is a limit to one bar only per day; all the other packs have no restrictions. Each food pack provides 25% RDA of essential vitamins & minerals, you will therefore need to ensure you either have a varied selection of vegetables in your low carb meal or take a multi-vitamin and mineral (without Iron unless instructed by your Doctor) to get the remaining 25%. In your low carb meal you should have 200g of vegetables and 100g of protein.


Slim and save pasta Carbonara


The Slim and Save Simplicity Plan provides the perfect diet for those looking to keep it simple! There is no food to prepare, all meals come from the packs they send you. You have the option of 200g of vegetables like in the Lifestyle Plan if you want them. (There is no meat/fish/chicken etc on this plan.) The Simplicity Plan will give you four food packs per day. The food packs can be anything from their range of shakes, meals, soups and bars. Like the Lifestyle Plan, there is a limit to one bar per day; all the other packs have no restrictions. Each food pack provides 25% RDA of essential vitamins and minerals so within the day you receive 100% recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals.

There is also a 5:2 intermittent fasting plan. This requires you to follow 5 days of consuming your recommended calorie intake (around 2000 for women and 2500 for men) and spending 2 days of the week reducing your intake considerably to around 600 calories.

For those over 17st, you can use the Simplicity Plus Plan or Lifestyle Plus Plan. This allows you to have an extra meal each day.

I’ve tried diet plans before and to be honest the last diet plan I tried was awful so I didn’t know what to expect from this. However, I was pleasantly surprised. I decided to go for the Simplicity Plan so I didn’t need to think about anything.


Slim and save meal with vegetables


There was a huge selection of meals to choose from which included pasta dishes, curry, chilli con carne, burger mix, cottage pie, pancakes, soups, chocolate brownies etc.

I generally had a porridge for breakfast (chocolate porridge was my favourite).

For dinner and tea I had one of the savoury meals. I really enjoyed all of these meals. They were all easy to prepare and very tasty. My favourite was cottage pie with spring onion. I added 200g of vegetables for dinner and tea.

For supper I had one of the bars with a decaf coffee, these bars are so good! You really don’t feel like you are missing out on a sweet treat. The chewy chocolate and the praline bars where my favourite.

I did try the milkshakes some days and also the soups but found I was hungry too soon after so the bulkier meals with vegetables worked much better for me. I would recommend mixing 200g of vegetables into your soup to make it a bit more long lasting.


Slim and save meal with green beans


All Slim and Save plans are part of a very low calorie diet. Be prepared for this. The first couple of days you will feel hungry but drink plenty of water, take advantage of the extra 200g of vegetables with your meals. From day 3 I was into the routine and didn’t feel like I was missing out. I had got used to smaller meals and genuinely liked the taste of them. If you are wanting to lose some weight, I would definitely recommend trying Slim and Save. They don’t look the most appetising but they are delicious. I lost 1/2 inch from my waist and 6lbs in 7 days.

If you don’t want to sign up to anything long term, you can buy their meals, shakes, soups and bars separately. You can also purchase 7 day taster packs. If you would like the chance to win a 7 day taster pack (you can choose between the regular taster pack or gluten free taster pack), enter below

Slim & Save


Slim and save review. The very low calorie diet meal replacement plan. Available for vegetarians and gluten free


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  1. I seem to spend my whole life on a diet, in fact on my tombstone they will write ” Maria she lived and died on a diet” wish I could find something that worked for me!

  2. This would be amazing to help kick start my metabolism again after an awfully long time on mega-strength painkillers!

  3. They don’t look appetising but if they taste good & work then that’s all that matters. I really need to kick start my weight loss & this sounds ideal.

  4. I gained about 5 stone after emergency surgery on my leg left me unable to walk for months. They saved my leg from amputation, but the pain I was left in was/is ridiculous. How can I lose weight if I can’t move without pain? This sound like it could be the answer, so, fingers, and everything else crossed.

  5. This sounds great for shifting those extra pounds just before Christmas – and for times you need to loose weight quickly

  6. I would really love to win this, I’ve reached a plateau in my weight loss journey and nothing I seem to do can break it. I’d love to see if this brand and plan would help boost my weight loss.

  7. I have lost nearly two stone slowly over the past 18 months but I seem to have stalled. I wonder if this could give me a boost. I’d love to get under 10 stone again (5lbs to go!)

  8. A great prize, as after Christmas and New Year we may want to loose a few pounds in weight. In order to feel comfortable in our pre Christmas clothes. As well as be mobile / active, and as comfortably as possible. Quality of Health / Life is Important. Obesity / being over weight can bee an ISSUE.

    Though really we need to have the healthiest foodstuffs be the most easily accessible. In order to benefit from their nutrients, vitamins, minerals, roughage, etc.

  9. ive lost a stone but still 4 stone over weight would love to try after having the kids ive gained so much

  10. Really need to start a diet. I might have a chance to meet a favourite singer in May so won’t want to look like a whale if I do – not saying it’ll happen BUT that’s a huge incentive. Thanks for the chance.

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