Children can be expensive, so save money where you can by using some of these budget children’s room ideas. There are many expensive bedroom sets available for children, they’re very cute but super expensive and there’s no reason to spend a lot when you can come up with very clever children’s room ideas that are inexpensive.

Buy Quality Pieces

Before I dive into my budget children’s room suggestions, the first one is to make sure you buy quality made and safe basic pieces that will last a long time. You may strip furniture, repaint it, even alter it structurally but you want something that will last and is built safely. One thing I would also never scrimp on is a decent bed and mattress, there are plenty of high quality beds from Bed Guru. In the long run this is a huge money saver.

Learn to Paint and Stencil

Learn to paint and stencil and then tackle everything. You can paint walls, furniture, bedding (use fabric paints), curtains, just about every décor item in the home can be decorated with paint and stencils.

Solid Colours

Look for solid colours for your bedding and some other main pieces. The bed is typically the focal point of a bedroom, by keeping the bedding a nice vibrant solid colour you create visual impact and smaller pops of colour throughout the room will tie everything together simply and inexpensively.

Learn to Sew or Use Fabric Tape

Sewing your own curtains and bedding accessories can save you a lot of money, not only in a child’s room but in other rooms throughout the house as well. Use your skills to decorate inexpensive or discounted premade curtains and bedding and you’ll save even more. If you can’t quite see yourself as a sewer, try tackling these projects with adhesive fabric tape and you’ll get virtually the same results.

Shop Used

Whether you shop second hand stores, garage sales, charity shops or liberally accept hand-me-downs, used furniture, accessories, clothing and anything else a child might like is a really smart way to go. Children grow out of clothing, toys, styles and trends before they get much use out of them, so they’re often in perfect shape when they’re discarded. Pick up on as many of these deals as you can to save money.

Use Your Children

Don’t rely on premade artwork and commercial characters for your child’s room, use their artwork and innate creativity to come up with a personalised room full of imagination, homemade artwork and wonderful stories. Don’t forget to include photographs. A series of photos of dress up and make believe is much more interesting and meaningful that a border of television characters.


If you can’t afford to change the flooring and it’s looking a little worse for wear, rugs can transform a room. There is plenty of choice in cheaper homeware shops too so it needn’t cost much.


Budget children’s room ideas


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  1. I think it’s so important to go on quality for the things that will be used more often as if you buy cheaply you might end up having to replace it really often x

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