At any age, your child will likely spend a lot of time in their bedroom, so giving them a room they love is important. They should feel comfortable, but the room should also be stylish and fun, catering to your child’s preferences. But as your child grows, his/her likes and dislikes are going to change too.

Sometimes it can seem like they change their favourite colour as often as their socks! Favourite characters, activities and animals can seem to never stay the same for more than a few minutes, so you may find that they want a refreshed bedroom more often than you want.

Think Ahead

An easy way to make upgrading your child’s bedroom easy is to simply plan ahead. As your child grows, not only will their tastes change, but also their needs. For instance, as they get to high school age, they may need a desk for homework. So, buy pieces of furniture that are multifunctional. Desks with lots of hidden storage spaces work well, shelves that can hold toys can be used for books as they grow.

Another way to think ahead is to keep the overall colour of the room plain and neutral. This might seem boring, but you can then use little, inexpensive ideas to upgrade their room each time their favourite colour changes. Why not paint the room in a natural colour that will go with most other colours or lay down some natural-looking laminate flooring? Use features and splashes of colour to upgrade the room in the future.

Decorate The Walls

Keeping all walls but one neutral is a great way to bring some colour into the space. You can get really creative here and make an amazing feature wall that your child will love at not too much cost. Paint their favourite characters or a scene. You could use stencils or wall stickers if you’re not very artistic.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to go too crazy with a full mural, you can paint on a simple effect. This can be as simple as using two complementary colours to divide the wall in half. You can use a spirit level and masking tape to divide the wall first, making this effect super easy to do.

For an even simpler way to add some wall art, use some pretty or interesting wallpaper for the feature wall. Another idea is to use a wallpaper border around the room, to inject a bit of fun and colour.

Just having a feature wall or border to upgrade as your child grows will make redecorating much cheaper and easier.

Use Everyday Objects

Think outside the box a little and repurpose objects you no longer use or even pick up some cheap items to use. You can create some cool storage options and light fixtures this way. For example, tote bags hung on the wall make an easy storage option for toys. How about wrapping some fairy lights around a large branch found in the garden to create a light fixture? Or use a bookcase as a dolls house. Make a storage unit with colourful buckets or plant pots; buckets are perfect for holding stationary.

There are endless possibilities here, depending on what you have in your house. So take a look at what you can use and think outside the box. Visit sites like Pinterest for some inspiration. You can create something really special without too much effort.

Refresh Old Furniture

You can easily upgrade beds, desks, wardrobes and drawers with a lick of paint. Use some sample pots to give a small splash of colour. These little pops of colour can be changed easily when your child next changes their favourite colour.

For drawers (even those on desks) and wardrobes, you can try out funky multicolour effects. You can do block colours or simple patterns, whichever your child prefers. If you want to go a little further, you can use stencils or wall stickers to jazz up the furniture even more.

Give A Cosy Touch

Cosy touches will make your child feel snug and safe in their room and can easily be upgraded. Use a cushion or two with their favourite characters on their bed for an updated look. Or throw down a colourful rug over laminate flooring to add some colour and give the room a cosy feel. A colourful blanket on the bed can do wonders to brighten up the room and is easy to swap out if they decide they don’t like the colour anymore.

You could also give your child somewhere else to sit and relax other than the bed. A bean bag or knitted pouffe can have a great effect in a child’s bedroom.

You can go for contrasts or matching themes with the cosy touches. Either will go a long way to give your child’s room a refreshed feel.


Easy ways to upgrade your child’s room


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