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You have finished dinner and dessert, the dishes are cleaned (or at least soaking to be washed in the morning), and your favourite time of the day has arrived. Sleep time! But of course, today is like every other day, and you are having a hard time sleeping. Unfortunately, this is common for a lot of people. Fortunately, that means we are well-versed in how to help you create a better sleep environment. One that will allow you to relax and get those well-sought out Z’s! Alright, let’s get to it, you deserve a good night’s rest!

Make It as Dark as Possible

In order for your body to fully relax, you must have darkness. If you have light coming in from your windows or glowing at you through the curtains, your body will not be able to shut down properly, and you will be stuck laying there waiting for sleep to find you. Don’t worry though, we have a solution! Blackout curtains will take your room from day to night instantly. And from the inside of your room, they look like a normal curtain. They don’t look dark or have a hideous design. They are stylish and functional!

Ensure Your Air Is Clean

Make your air cleaner with an air purifier. There are so many to choose from, make sure to compare and see which one is best for you and your sleeping space! Air purifiers work to remove dust, allergens, aerosolized viruses, and other contaminants from your air. You will be able to breathe easier and sleep better knowing that your bedroom has purified air.

Cut Out Distractions

You’ve heard it time and time again, put your phone away at least an hour before you go to sleep. Although that is a great piece of advice, we also recommend to not use your phone in bed at all. And you don’t want to watch the TV there either. Our bodies become used to having digital stimulation in bed, and once that precedence has been set, you won’t be able to relax there anymore. Your body will crave that stimulation and won’t be able to relax in the place that is made for you to sleep in! Try your best to cut out all electronics in your bedroom. Your sleep cycle will be glad you did!


Lady in bed reaching for the alarm clock

Create Healthier Wake-up Habits

Having that alarm tone go off 5 snooze cycles in a row isn’t doing you any favours. Did you know there are light/alarm clock combos out there that are made to wake you up gently with sound, light, and peacefulness? A smart light will take your wake up game to the next level. It will start to gently wake you with light that mimics natural dawn all before your alarm sound goes off. The light prompts your brain to release cortisol. That’s the hormone that cues your body to wake up naturally. This allows you to wake up feeling more relaxed, well-rested, and calm!

Be as Cozy as Possible in Bed

Don’t settle for uncomfortable sheets any longer. Opt for more high-end sheets to have the most comfortable sleep possible. Good sheets make all the difference when it comes to the rest you receive. It is an investment worth making.

Look Good While Sleeping

No, we don’t mean going to sleep with a full face of makeup on, we mean going to sleep in cozy PJs, that way you will feel your best when your head hits the pillow. You may think PJ sets are embarrassing or old-fashioned, but trust us when we say they will make a difference for your sleep! Look good and sleep better.


Having an ideal space for sleep is just a few small steps away. Hopefully, our ideas will help to get you there. Happy sleeping!


Your Guide to Creating the Best Bedroom For Sleep. We are well-versed in how to help you create a better sleep environment.


3 Comments on Your Guide to Creating the Best Bedroom For Sleep

  1. I think you are right you know? The bedroom is a place that not only needs to be beautiful, certainly this too, but above all it must have all the features to guarantee the best sleep and serenity!

  2. 100% accurate. I struggle with not having some form of technology in the room – I even read someone once say to leave them outside of the room! – but I rely on them to wake me up and even to remind me when to actually start sleeping. But, I don’t keep a TV in our room. Hotel rooms are enough of a luxury in that regard, I don’t need to bring that into my daily life else I’d never get sleep!

  3. These are all great tips and I’m so grateful for not having issues with sleeping. I know many people that suffer from this issue though and the black out curtains are a fabulous idea plus unplugging from the technology before hand is crucial too as it disturbs you getting into a deep sleep. Makes my mind think too much.

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