Whether you’re trying to limit your caffeine consumption or have just run out of coffee, here’s some ways to feel more awake and ready to go in the morning.

Stretch & Exercise

You don’t need to jump into your workout clothes and run a 5k as soon as you get up, but a little stretching and exercising in the morning is a great way to improve the blood flow in your body and feel more alert. Exercising will increase your heartbeat which can help improve the flow of oxygen to all parts of the body, including the brain which will get you ‘awake’ in no time.

Take a Cold Shower

While a warm shower may make you feel all fuzzy, a cold shower is actually what you need to revitalise your senses and get yourself into the active mode. If a cold shower seems a bit too extreme for you, you can also take a normal shower and then end with a blast of cold water towards the end. Doing this has been found to help reverse the symptoms of fatigue and can increase your metabolic rate, making you feel more alert.

Get Some Sunlight

One of the simplest and easiest ways to feel more awake and energetic in the morning is to get some exposure to sunlight. Natural light can wake you up like nothing else and it can also help your body stay in sync with its natural circadian rhythm, making you feel more alert.

If natural sunlight is in short supply, use a body clock light that will gradually wake you using light from a time you set.

Eat (and Drink)!

You may have already heard how breakfast is the most important meal of the day and how you shouldn’t skip it. Start off with a glass of ice cold water and then follow it up with a good breakfast. Try to include more complex carbs in your diet since they’ll help you stay more focused and alert throughout the day. A glass of orange juice can also be great since it gives you that natural sugar boost and is full of flavonoids that help you feel more alert.

Give Yourself a Mental Task

Starting your day with a little task that requires some mental effort is also a good way to wake yourself up. It can be anything, a word game on your phone, a crossword puzzle in the newspaper or even doing a few calculations, it’ll help get your mind buzzing again, and before you know it, you’ll be active both mentally and physically.



5 ways to ‘wake up’ in the morning that don’t include coffee



6 Comments on Wake up in the morning without coffee

  1. Oh gosh the thought of a cold shower at the moment is giving me goosebumps! Good tips though, I find having a glass of water on my bedside table and drinking that as soon as I get up erally helps.

  2. I struggle to get up in the morning and never do any of these tips! I always try and psyche myself up for a cold glass of water in the morning or a bit of stretching but sleep takes priority haha.

  3. Great tips here, especially for a non tea / coffee drinker like me! We rarely close our curtains at night as I much prefer to be woken by the sunrise than an alarm clock. Not sure taking s cold shower will be making its way into my daily morning routine though! X

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