I was a little late to the party when it came to Netflix and only starting using it in the first lockdown and I can’t believe how many shows there are and how much I have used it. I love that there are different profiles so I know Lucas is safe in the children’s profile to browse himself and choose something suitable. Dan can watch all his crime documentaries and I have my own corner of Netflix which is all things romantic and easy viewing.


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Is there anything better than watching Netflix in bed, whilst enjoying your favourite snacks on a cold winter’s evening? It’s the perfect way to keep the chill at bay, sitting snug under your duvet as you indulge in delicious treats… That is until you realise there are crumbs in the bed or food stains on your new white bedding.


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That’s why the team at DUSK have conducted a “highly scientific” experiment (well, kind of) to rank popular snacks based on how messy they are and how difficult they can be to clean. Take a look at the results here.

So here are my favourite romantic dramas on Netflix that I have watched this year.


cobra kai

Cobra Kai

This is not a romantic drama but I love it so couldn’t not mention it.

The programme is based on The Karate Kid films but you don’t need to have watched those to enjoy it.

Set more than three decades after the events of the film. Johnny, who seeks redemption, reopens the Cobra Kai dojo and revives his rivalry with Daniel. The two men will be confronted with the demons of the past and the frustrations of the present.

There have been 2 seasons so far with the 3rd streaming in January 2021 and a 4th season has been confirmed.


emily in paris

Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris follows Emily, a driven 20-something American from Chicago who moves to Paris for an unexpected job opportunity. She is tasked with bringing an American point of view to a venerable French marketing firm. Cultures clash as she adjusts to the challenges of life in Paris while juggling her career, new friendships and love life.

There has been 1 season so far but it has just been confirmed there will be a 2nd season.


sweet magnolias

Sweet Magnolias

Based on the Sweet Magnolias novels by Sherryl Woods and follows three South Carolina women, best friends since childhood, as they shepherd each other through the complexities of romance, career, and family.

There has been 1 season so far, it has been confirmed there will be a 2nd season but not a date yet.


chesapeake shores

Chesapeake Shores

High-powered career woman Abby O’Brien has made it out of her hometown of Chesapeake Shores and into the big city of New York. When the divorced mother of twins takes a trip home, she is confronted with people from her past, including high school sweetheart Trace, uncompromising father Mick and esteemed grandmother Nell. It is this look into her past, combined with a realisation that her career is restricting her ability to be a hands-on mother to her daughters, that leads Abby to consider making a permanent move back to Chesapeake Shores, which she does.

There have been 4 seasons so far with a 5th confirmed.


virgin river

Virgin River

Virgin River follows Melinda “Mel” Monroe, who answers an ad to work as a midwife and nurse practitioner in the remote California town of Virgin River, thinking it will be the perfect place to start fresh and leave her painful memories behind. But she soon discovers that small-town living isn’t quite as simple as she expected. She must learn to heal herself before she can truly make Virgin River her home. Based on the Virgin River novels by Robyn Carr.

Season 2 was released earlier in the week.


once upon a time

Once Upon A Time

More of a fantasy drama but features lots of romantic drama between various characters. The action alternates between two main settings: a fantastical world where fairy tales happen; and a seaside town in Maine, called Storybrooke. The “real-world” part of the story unfolds with the characters of Emma Swan and her 10-year-old son, Henry Mills. Henry discovers the other people of the town are fairy-tale characters; and the audience is shown the backstory of the town’s people as fairy-tale characters, in conjunction with their unfolding stories in the “real-world”.

There were 7 seasons of this and it ended perfectly. If you are in France like me, you can’t watch this on Netflix but can get it on Disney+, in the UK, you can watch it all on Netflix.




This sprawling family saga takes place where an unfortunate tragedy has glued a family together to pull them through life’s thick and thin moments. Follow young Amy Fleming as she slowly discovers she possesses her now-deceased mother’s ability to aid injured horses as well as maintaining good relationships with those who are trying to get by one day at a time. The family pursues forgotten dreams and challenges as their strength is tested against personal struggles. Based on the Heartland novels by Lauren Brooke.

There are 13 seasons so far, although I can only get 12 in France so I’m a season behind. Season 14 has been filmed but I’m not sure on the release date.


when calls the heart

When Calls The Heart

Elizabeth Thatcher is a young teacher accustomed to high society, so she experiences culture shock when she gets her first classroom assignment in Coal Valley.

Life in the small mining town is filled with challenges. A recent explosion has killed more than a dozen of the town’s miners, compelling the widows of those men to work in the mines to earn money.

One of them – Abigail Stanton, whose husband was foreman at the site of the tragedy – welcomes Thatcher and tries to help her adjust to frontier customs.

Constable Jack Thornton is not as welcoming, though, because he believes Thatcher’s wealthy father doomed his career by assigning him to Coal Valley so he could protect Elizabeth.

Janette Oke‘s books about the Canadian West inspired the programme.

There are 6 seasons but the 7th season has been filmed.




Bridgerton is based on Julia Quinn’s novels set in the competitive world of Regency-era London during the season, when debutantes are presented at court. There has been 1 season so far.


My favourite romantic drama Netflix series'. Chesapeake Shores,Heartland,Once Upon A Time,When Calls The Heart,Sweet Magnolias & Virgin River


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  1. I’ve been looking for a new series to watch so thank you for this. When Calls the Heart sounds like something I’d really enjoy, I’ll check it out!

  2. SO many fab shows, I just started watch virgin river and its so amazing!!!thanks for your list I gotta watch heart land too looks so good.

  3. I would love to spend a day in bed watching shows and eating treats. That sounds heavenly. I can not remember the last time I did that, probably as a kid. I have yet to see any of these shows so I need to plan a day like this one, it sounds so good.

  4. There are some fab picks here for sure, I am absolutely hooked on Emily in Paris at the moment so I well recommend that to anyone x

  5. My daughter loves Emily in Paris but Virgin River sounds like a great series to check out next! Great picks here for the season.

  6. Trust me, you weren’t that late we still don’t have it. I remember seeing Once Upon A Time on Sky years ago but they stopped it which was a shame.

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