Whether you live right on the beach, or somewhere a thousand miles from the ocean, beach themes are popular in home design. Everyone likes the look of a traditional beach cottage and the feeling that their home has, as it takes on a Summer feel.

Colours in a beach home normally match those found near the water. Sandy beige or pale yellow, blue, green, and white are all good choices. A medium blue that resembles the colour of water, a light sage green the colour of seaweed, and a warm sandy off-white are all good foundations and work well in every room in the house. Interior walls in beach cottages should be light and bright and reflect all the light coming in from the windows. Beadboard can be used in kitchens and even bathrooms, normally on the lower half of the wall, and should also be painted a light colour, as should all the woodwork in the home. And window treatments should be lightweight and airy, in either plain or lightly floral patterns.


A coastal themed indoor shot of a wicker chair.


Furniture in a beach cottage is never heavy or cumbersome, but lightweight and comfortable. The materials used are generally cotton or damask and are meant to be used and enjoyed. Since many cottages were originally furnished from leftover furnishings from other homes, most beach cottages are eclectic in design.

Old wooden chairs, bookcases, and rustic tables are often painted to match the room, or in accent colours. Flooring is kept simple. Since carpeting would not be practical in a beach house, hardwood flooring with a few area rugs scattered around is more appropriate. Adirondack chairs are a good addition to a sunroom inside, or outside on a porch, as are wicker.


Beach themed guest bathroom that has been remodeled with luxury vinyl tile flooring.


Accessories in a traditional beach house were meant to be practical and comfortable, and half the fun in finishing a beach theme room is finding articles that convey that seaside feel. Accessories for the couch and chairs include cotton pillows that are often covered with stripes, reminiscent of beach umbrellas and cabanas, and throws, sometimes in nautical design. While there is no end of seaside decorations in most stores, it is even more fun to pick up some authentic items on holiday. Finding items such as old signs, boating accessories, shells, and old chests give the impression of a beach house without being overly obvious.

Whether you are actually at the beach or somewhere closer to a cornfield, a home that feels like a cottage at the beach is as warm, friendly and as comfortable as the real thing.


Beach theme home interior design ideas


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  1. I live on an island. It feels like this place is the capital of relaxing beach houses. I often spot the splashes of color you talked about. I’d like to add that love to use pops of turquoise in interior design. It’s striking and relaxing.

  2. A beach theme is always so refreshing to the eyes. I like your suggestions in this post. I will share this with my sister too. She’s been wanting to re-arrange the furniture and get new decor in her home. I think she’ll love this beach theme too.

  3. I love the inspo here…beach themes are so fun and a great way to brighten up the home for summer.

  4. I love beach themed homes and as I live in the Tropics, many of the homes are exactly like this, giving off the feeling of ease, relaxation and just feeling light. It’s such a good vibe, especially in summer lol .

  5. Beach themed is a classic but it does give that holiday vibes to a home for sure. Nice ideas

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