I love twinning with Lucas and Lucas loves matching up with Mummy. I’m not sure how long this will last so while he is happy to do so, I am making the most of it. Funky Pigeon contacted me about my Father’s Day gift guide (up around the middle of May) and I went for a nosy on their website. I had obviously seen them advertised on TV and knew of their personalised cards and vaguely knew that they had other products for gifts but I did not know the extent of their gifts.

Mama Bear and Bear Cub t-shirts. A close up shot of each of the tshirts from Funky Pigeon website with plain white backgrounds

They have all sorts from food gifts, alcohol, stationary, homeware, gym bags, beauty products, toys and t-shirts to name just a few. I had a nosy at the t-shirts and feel in love with the Bear Cub and Mama Bear t-shirts so the lovely people over at Funky Pigeon offered to send us one each and also over a giveaway for a reader to win one of each too!


Mama Beat and Bear Cub t-shirts a photo of me wearing the Mama Bear Tshirt holding lucas who is wearing Bear Cub t-shirt. We are stood in a field full of daffodils and trees


The t-shirt is a very cute design with the Mama Bear written in a purple colour, a big bear and pink heart detailing underneath it. The Bear Cub is written in an aqua colour with an aqua heart under the little bear. There is also a Papa Bear t-shirt available with the detailing in blue. You can also personalise the text if you wanted names on or other text.


Mama Bear and Bear cub tshirts. We are knelt cuddling with our tshirts in. Surrounded by daffodils and trees


I think they are very cute and very comfortable to wear, I would like to see more options for the t-shirt colours as white isn’t going to stay white for long on a 3 year old, but other than that I think they are fab. Perfect if you are wanting to do a photo with your little one and both or either of the parents. The Bear Cub retails at £11.99 (currently on sale for £9.99), Mama Bear £14.99 (currently on sale £12.99) and Papa Bear £14.99 (currently on sale £12.99).

For your chance to win Bear Cub and Mama Bear t-shirt, enter below x

Mama and Bear Cub t-shirts

Twinning t-shirts. Mama Bear and Bear Cub tshirts from Funky Pigeon. The tshirts can also have the text personalised


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  1. Very cute! I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize to donate to charity, to go to Romania.

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