Yesterday we were invited* to Blackpool to watch Dinosaur World Live at The Grand Theatre.

The Grand Theatre is a stunning venue, I absolutely love the older buildings in Blackpool such as The Grand and Blackpool Tower.


Dinosaur World Live review


Dinosaur World Live is an interactive show aimed at all the family from the age of 3. It started in Peterborough in March and is touring the country until September.

I was a little worried as to whether Lucas would love it or be scared and hate it. Thankfully he really got into it and was amazed when the dinosaurs came out.


Dinosaur World Live review


The show is hosted by Miranda who is an intrepid explorer that has grown up in Dinosaur World with her palaeontologist parents. She introduces the audience to the dinosaurs that she cares for.

She encourages the audience to join in with the show and invites children up to the stage to help with the dinosaurs.


Dinosaur World Live review


The dinosaurs where incredible and included the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, Giraffatitan and Segnosaurus.

There was also a Giraffatitan egg throughout the show that was ready to hatch and whenever it moved, the audience had to shout to Miranda to check on it. Before the show ended the egg did hatch and we got to see the baby dinosaur with her Mum. (Lucas has since started playing being a baby dinosaur in a shell which is amusing and wants Mummy to pick him up out of it!)


Dinosaur World Live review


If your child does want to meet the dinosaurs and doesn’t get picked to go on the stage, there is an opportunity at the end of the show to meet some.

I would definitely recommend the show, Miranda was so much fun and the show lasted for about 50 minutes so perfect for keeping the little ones entertained without it being too long for them x

Have a look at a review from the Wembley Park show in 2019 here


Dinosaur World Live review

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