Ordinary moments lucas side on smiling whilst holding a toasted tea cake


Lucas and I went to a local garden centre with my Grandma this week. Every so often, they send me and my Grandma £1 vouchers to spend there. We are suckers for vouchers. It is a good ploy to get us there to spend money as it works every time.

As it turns out my Grandma wanted some new Christmas lights so she bought some in the sale. I resisted temptation and didn’t buy anything, with all the Yankee Candle products at half price I was very impressed with myself.

My Grandma treated us to a toasted teacake and latte in the cafe. Lucas used to really like raisons and sultanas but lately he has been taking them out of his mouth and saying ‘yak’. The toasted teacake passed with flying colours, he didn’t spit any out.

Doesn’t he look happy talking to my Grandma whilst he eats. He is very lucky to have such a big family as he is a little social butterfly x




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