Hi little fella x

We went swimming on Monday, we started in an earlier class as the rest of the babies in your class are old enough for the next class up now. We saw someone there that I went to pregnancy yoga with x

On Tuesday we went to baby yoga but you weren’t in the best of moods so we ended up leaving early and went to get some food shopping on the way home. You seemed agitated on and off all day and you have become very good at fighting your sleep now x

We went to play and praise on Wednesday, we met G and S there. After that I did some cooking to freeze meals for you x

Baby massage was cancelled on Thursday so we went to Middlebrook for a mooch around. We visited Auntie A in the morning to say happy birthday x

We didn’t do much on Friday, went for a walk and a trip to tesco. I bought your first pumpkin x

We visited K, C and S yesterday and then met B at Heskin Hall for a wander around and brew. B bought you a pirate teddy from Little Lucy Willow x

The usual visits to Grandma J and the farm x

Your Daddy and I have started to think about your Christening so hopefully we will book that this week x

You are napping a lot less now, fighting it as long as you can manage. You have been sitting up on your own this week for a little bit but not long enough for us to move away from you completely x

New food;
Beef Casserole

Ready for yoga;

Lucas lying on a yoga mat looking up at the camera


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