Lucas has finally started taking his first few steps so I excitedly took him to get his feet measured for his first pair of real shoes.

We went to Paces and Laces in Leyland, a local independent shop with many different brands including Bobux, Hush Puppies, Toms and Crocs. The shop has children’s books and trains built against one of the walls to sit in. There is also a fish tank integrated into the counter below the till. Lucas loved that and tried going behind the counter to have a further nosy. They also have a loyalty scheme where I get a point for every pound spent, at 200 points I will get £15 off.


What lucas wore #25


Lucas got measured, he is size 3.5, we were given a selection of shoes that were suitable for him to look at. I chose a pair of Bobux shoes, £34.90 as I love the bright blue against the grey. The toes also have a bobbly black coating, perfect from protecting against any scuffing as Lucas is still switching in between crawling, walking on his knees and walking properly.


What lucas wore #25


This post is an entry for BritMums #PetitsFilousFirsts Linky Challenge, sponsored by Petits Filous. We were given some vouchers to try My First Petits Filous, a vanilla flavoured yoghurt with low sugar content that also contains calcium and protein to help build strong bones. Unfortunately all of my local shops have sold out…I’m taking that as a good sign and I’m looking forward to them coming back into the stores. I’ve taken the photo off Petits Filous website for you to keep an eye out x


Petits filous

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38 Comments on What Lucas Wore #25

  1. Love the velcro shoes. They are so handy to have at their age! Mind you, T is almost six and is still struggling to tie her own shoelace! 😉

  2. Those Bobux shoes are so cute! They certainly look very comfortable. I also loe the bright blue against the grey, very smart 😀

  3. Oh my goodness those shoes are so cute. I have loved seeing my nephews going from their first uncertain, wobbly steps to getting the hang of walking.

  4. Awww such a cute first pair! love the colour, and there so cute when they first start walking, I couldn’t stop staring at my little ones when they took their first steps 🙂

  5. We love Bobux Shoes, it’s funny you should mention Paces and Laces as Leah got her first pair of shoes from the same shop when we lived back in Leyland 3 years ago! I must go back there on my next visit up north, love their fish tank in the display cabinet. Hope they still do Lelli Kelli’s! Thank you for sharing #WeekendtotStyle

  6. well done for now walking little man! those shoesm are so cute!!! wish their feet stayed tiny forever

  7. How cute are those little shoes! We recently had Olivia’s feet measured so i am now slowly building up he shoe collection.

  8. Getting the first pair of shoes is so so exciting! I love the ones you have chosen – they look so comfy! xx

  9. What fabulous little first shoes! We love Bobux. They are a really great brand and are super comfy for little feet. The thing I like most about them is that they are nice and simple and not overly ‘kiddy’ – if you know what I mean 🙂 Thanks for linking up with us and hope you’ve had a great weekend lovey! #weekendtotstyle

  10. OMG they are so small. I remember buying my daughter’s from Clarks when she started walking.Now she has tonnes of sandals and girly shoes. Bless !! Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst xx

  11. I’m impressed! How did you manage to keep Lucas calm and still enough for a measurement? Our first attempt was a screamy nightmare!

    Our youngest is nearly one but no need for shoes yet. Love the idea of the fish tank.


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