I have been nominated by The Lifestyle Mum to answer some questions about life as a toddler.

The little one tag

What’s the best thing about being nearly 2 years old?

Thinking everything is possible and I can do eveything. Seeing the best in everyone


Favourite Toy?

At the moment it is between my tea set, Henry hoover, car transporter and Teletubbies Jumping Po


Favourite thing to do?

Play with my toys or go to a family get together, I love going round seeing everyone and ignore Mummy and Daddy for the majority of the time


Favourite Outfit?

 I’m not bothered about what I am wearing but I do go through phases of prefering certain shoes


Favourite TV programme?

 Twirlywoos but my Mummy and Daddy don’t know why as I am afraid of a lot of the episodes, I hide and point at Daddy to turn the channel over


Favourite Book?

Mine is Spot Loves Bedtime, Mummy’s is Giraffes Can’t Dance


Favourite Food?

Anything with carbs, potatoes or pasta. I also love chocolate


Favourite Song?

Kid Cudi, Surfin’, as soon as it comes on I start dancing. I love anything by Justin Beiber


What makes you laugh?

Tickles, playing with Mummy and Daddy


Who do you love and why?

My family for playing with me, loving me and for letting me go round to their houses at silly o clock.


I would like to nominate:

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10 Comments on The Little One Tag

  1. What a cute idea for a tag! I don’t think my toddler would ever be happy to leave me alone and ignore me at family gatherings – he cowers at my leg in any gathering! Suppose he’s only 18 months so maybe at 2 he’ll be different!

  2. What a cool little one you are! Your Jumping Po sounds great – I have a Tinky Winky who I love. How interesting that you like certain shoes, you sound like a chap with a lot of style 😉 Giraffes Can’t Dance is a brill book, Mother loves it too. I think it’s the sweetest thing that you love playing with mummy and daddy. Thanks so much for taking part in the #littleonetag love, Baby Anon xx

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