Lucas sat on a fairground ride


Last Sunday Champagne had its annual fete. We went down and there was a couple of fairground rides and a hook a duck that Lucas enjoyed going on. He won at hook a duck and was so excited he didn’t really concentrate on his options for prizes, he quickly chose a small inflatable dolphin which I think later on, he was a bit disappointed in. He seemed to think he would be able to float on it which it is far too small to do that but we have been playing games in the pool with him. There was also a brocante on which we had a look around and had a chat to an English man there who lives between the uk and France. I was looking forward to what they advertised as the motorcycle spectacular which wasn’t overly spectacular in the end. It was two motorcyclists which were obviously talented but one broke his bike during it and I think I’ve just seen some incredible motorcycle stunt shows such as Jez Avery at various festivals and days out that it just didn’t compare but I do need to remember I’m now in rural France so things will be different.


Lucas and I in a four poster bed


On Monday we needed to go to renew our car hire so we went to Bergerac to do that and then continued to Lot-et-Garonne to stay in a hotel particular for a night in Castillonnès. We thought whilst we had travelled an hour to Bergerac we may as well have a look at another area there at the same time. We spent the afternoon in Castillonnès having a tour of the hotel which was just magnificent. Read my review of Hotel De Cours De Thomazeau. Castillonnès was about 20 minutes from Bergerac, we had a walk around the village before driving over to Villeréal to get something to eat at the night market.


Villeréal church


Villeréal had a real bustly feel to it with all the families out together in the square buying food from the various venders. I would love to return there for a proper look around during the day.


Herb stall on Castillonnès market


The next morning, there was a market on in Castillonnès so we had a look around that, Lucas eager to buy something! We convinced him not to buy something for the sake of it and wait til he sees something he really wanted. Whilst we were in Castillonnès we had a look around a house which was a nice size, 4 bedroom detached with a cellar, plenty of living space and a garden. There was a plot of land behind it though which was for sale so I’m not sure whether that could be built on in the future?


Lauzen street with umbrellas hanging


As we were in the Lot-et-Garonne area we decided that we should view a property that we looked at online at few times. We went to Lauzen to meet the estate agents and then drive with her to see the house. It was a three bedroom bungalow with a big garden and a pool. It looked perfect online but once we saw it, we realised it wasn’t the one. The photos had obviously been taken very well and by the sound of it over a year ago but at least we looked and it won’t be one we are wondering about in the future.
Lauzen was a cute village though lined with colourful umbrellas hanging over the streets.


Lucas and I sat with coffee and cream buns at patisserie outside


Thursday and Friday it was raining on and off all day and night with some impressive thunder and lightening. We did go out for a couple of drives and stopped at a couple of patisseries for a cake and coffee x


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  1. I’ve never been to France but it looks like there are some beautiful places to explore. I would love to visit a brocante one day.

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