Lucas and I were lucky enough to be invited to Leyland Garden Centre which is part of the Wyevale  group to have Breakfast with Father Christmas .  As Lucas isn’t even 10 months old yet, we took my friend and her daughter who is 3 along with us.

Breakfast with Father Christmas. Lucas as a baby and a 4 year old friend sat next to him

When we arrived at the garden centre, we went into the cafe and were seated immediately. The waitress asked us what drinks we would like before bringing our breakfast out. We had opted for the Great British adult breakfasts and the children’s breakfast. There is also the option to have a vegetarian breakfast or an adult mini breakfast with consists of a pastry and drink. The breakfast was cooked perfectly and was a good portion size. Throughout breakfast, our waitress checked to see if we wanted any refills of drinks and that everyone was happy. She talked to the children naturally and asked Chanel if she was looking forward to Christmas.

Breakfast with Father Christmas  Breakfast with Father Christmas

The table was festively set out with crackers, children’s activity sheets, crayons and chocolate gold coins for each child (Lucas took his gold coins home to Daddy). The activity sheet and crackers kept Chanel amused until Father Christmas arrived after we had finished breakfast.

Breakfast with Father Christmas lucas eating toast

Once we had finished breakfast and Father Christmas had nearly arrived (he had forgotten his map and got lost on his way…it is a long way from The North Pole after all), Father Christmas’ Elf asked all the children to shout Father Christmas so that he would hear them. The children then spotted Father Christmas out of the window on his way to visit. When he walked in, he greeted all the children before sitting down. The Elf then asked each child to go up in turn, the children had time to sit next to him and have a chat before choosing their own gift from the display. There was plenty to choose from which Zoe liked as she said at previous breakfasts they had been to, the gift hadn’t lasted 5 minutes.

Breakfast with Father Christmas  Breakfast with Father Christmas

The waitress then brought out a gingerbread tree, icing and sweet decorations to each child for them to decorate their own cookie (Lucas also took his home for Daddy, he missed out on Father Christmas so we can’t have him missing out on all the treats as well). We were all given some tin foil as well for those who weren’t eating them there to take home for later.

Breakfast with Father Christmas

Father Christmas is visiting Wyevale garden centres until the 24th December, the centre we visited only has the breakfasts but some other centres are also doing Tea with Father Christmas as well.

It costs £9.99 for the Children’s Breakfast which includes the activities and gift.
The adults Great British Breakfast cost £7.99. The adult Mini Breakfast costs £3.99.
The full experience lasted approximately 90 minutes x

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  1. I work inside my local Wyevale garden centre (in one of the concessions) so I see this happening most mornings. The kids faces are so cute to see. It’s a great little event.

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