Holidays with the family and the little ones in tow, afford the perfect opportunity to spend quality time in a relaxed atmosphere, especially in a country like Singapore.The key thing to remember is that every trip will not be plain sailing and there are bound to be drawbacks due to weather, moods and tantrums being thrown up from the younger ones.To minimise these issues, I have been looking at ideas for what you can do, in order to have a fun-filled family experience in Singapore.

Choose family friendly accommodation

Traveloka booking hotel can help with everything with hotel in Singapore from budget hotels to living in the lap of luxury with accommodation that offer friendly activities for kids, there are plenty of places to choose from in Singapore that will welcome children with open arms. Hotels with warm vibrant decor, large playgrounds and other activity based programs for children, will not only be ideal for children but for the whole clan.

Chill out at child friendly restaurants

The majority of the dining outlets in Singapore cater to the demands of children.These restaurants are the best way to unwind and eat as well. With a bit of research, pick out places which allow children to eat for free with every main course dish ordered by the adult. In addition, there are places which offer an all day breakfast menu, with activities like mystery presents and games included.

Take the children on an educational tour

Combining fun with learning can keep the little ones busy and occupied at the same time. A trip to the Singapore Zoo for example, will let the children to interact with wildlife and also get a chance to act like zookeepers.This unique opportunity will give them an insight on how these special guests are treated in captivity. An extended walk through the Botanical Gardens will quench the thirst of the young generation regards to the diverse flora of Singapore.

Do not miss out on the Night Safari

If you thought that the children had a whale of a time during the day, then they will be thrilled to know what awaits them after sunset. Home to over 1000 species of animals, which have been segregated in six geographic zones, the Singapore Night Safari is a must on most family holidays, being a world class attraction. Children have the option of either travelling by tram or going on a walking Safari.The latter trip has been an inspiration of a walk through the Australian outback, which brings the tiny minds face to face with creatures like, possums, marsupials and frogmouths to name a few.

Go stargazing at the Science Centre Observatory

Due to its proximity to the equator, the Science Centre Observatory is one of the few observatories in the world, from where one can view the constellations of both the Southern and the Northern Hemisphere. Children will be enthralled to actually see their favourite planets, be it Jupiter or Saturn, depending on the season, through the powerful telescopes in place. All this while the parents can sit back and gaze at the night sky from the main dome.

Gardens by the Bay Night Light and Music Show

Garden Rhapsody is a signature light and sound show of the Gardens by the Bay, and its overall creative vision is led by award-winning Lighting Designer Adrian Tan, and one of Singapore’s most sought-after music composers and arrangers, Bang Wenfu, since 2015.

An efficient system of transport, security and safety together with a high level of cleanliness, makes Singapore one of the most easiest of Asian countries to visit with children. On top of that, children are treated like royalty, with the locals sparing no effort to fawn over and pamper them. Add to all this the wealth of attractions, and you have the just about perfect destination for families and children of all ages. So take advantage of the great outdoors and have a holiday of a lifetime, the next time you decide to take your brood to Singapore.



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