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Back in 2015, I visited India for a couple of months. It was an incredible experience and a place I would love to visit again with Lucas on day. India is one of those places you need to visit at least once in your life. Here’s a few ideas of what India has to offer for children but before you get onto booking your Asia vacation, remember you need to get an Indian visa. Thankfully, it isn’t too stressful to get one as the Indian visa application can all be done online. Tourists can make use of the “eTourist visa”, business travellers of the “eBusiness visa”, and medical travellers of the “eMedical visa”. There are plenty of dream destinations to visit in India, here are just a few ideas.

Taj Mahal

An immense mausoleum of white marble, built in Agra between 1631 and 1648 by order of the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his favourite wife, the Taj Mahal is the jewel of Muslim art in India and one of the universally admired masterpieces of the world’s heritage.

Go on a safari

I stayed overnight at the Jim Corbett National Park and it was a wonderful experience. It is a forested wildlife sanctuary in northern India’s Uttarakhand State. Rich in flora and fauna, it’s known for its Bengal tigers. Animals, including tigers, leopards and wild elephants, roam the Dhikala zone. On the banks of the Ramganga Reservoir, the Sonanadi zone is home to elephants and leopards, along with hundreds of species of birds.

Pushkar hot air balloon festival

Take the children to see the Pushkar hot air balloon festival. What makes it unique is the cultural, historical & mythological legacy that gets intertwined with the age old practice of cattle trading. This vibrant melee of colour, buzz, music, dust, stamping hooves, camel grunts, temple bells does leave many in a state of wide-eyed bewilderment. Guests can book hot air balloon rides or simply watch the over dozen International teams do mass ascents.

Go and watch the cricket and see the home of Bollywood

Mumbai is such a beautiful city, go shopping, walk along Marine Drive, see Rajabai Clock Tower (the Big Ben of India), Visit the Jain temple, Banganga tank and Kamala Nehru Park and the Hanging Gardens near the Tower of Silence. Mumbai is the home of Bollywood and also the current champions of the cricket Indian Premier League, the Mumbai Indians.

Take a tour of a chocolate factory

MN Goodies chocolatier is pioneer in the manufacturing of healthy innovative handmade chocolates. M&N Goodies is striving to promote Indian Origin fine chocolates globally for empowering Indian cocoa farmers. Take a tour of their chocolate museum in Ooty and learn about the history and how they make their delicious chocolates as well as getting to taste it too!

Go Skiing

Auli is surrounded by vast acres of oak and coniferous forests. I’m sure skiing right through these snow covered forests feels highly thrilling. One of the best things about this side of Uttarakhand is that the Government here maintains various provisions to make skiing possible for everyone, both for the beginners and professionals. For adventure lovers, the best time to visit Auli is definitely the winters. Starting from the late November and continuing till the same of March, the winters cover the mountains of Auli with blankets of snow. Particularly the month of January is highly fit for skiing. During this month of the year, Auli receives maximum snowfall and this trend continues till the last week of March.

Ride on a rice boat

I went on a boat in Kerala along the backwaters and it is the most beautiful place I have ever been. It is simply stunning. Show your children the majestic hills, golden sea shores, shimmering waterfalls, unique backwaters and mouth drooling cuisine.

Visit a theme park

Visit Lonavala for various theme parks. Della Adventure Park is India’s Largest Extreme Adventure park with 50 plus adventure activities. Experience India’s only Swoop swing(100 ft.), India’s Longest Flying Fox(1250ft.), 5 kinds of zorbing and 700cc yamaha raptor ATV only at Della Adventure, Lonavala. Activities include Archery, Rocket Ejector, Motocross dirt bike riding, Buggy Ride, Paintball and Rappelling.
Wet n Joy waterpark is India’s biggest water park. If your little one is interested in all things Jurassic, a trip to Dinosaurs Park is a must. Magic Mountain has over 50 indoor and outdoor rides and slides. A wave pool, Aqua play station, Freefall, Vertical Swing, multi-cuisine restaurants and 5d theatre.

Have a look at the Visit India website for plenty more ideas


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  1. I’ve never been to India so it’s fascinating to read about places there. They all sound great, I’d especially like to see architecture such as the Taj Mahal.

  2. I really want to go to India one day as much as anything to see the Taj Mahal and just see how the way of life is over there as I’ve heard so many things about it x

  3. We’ve been on the fence about India for some time now but it’s great to see that there is a lot to do and that on top of that there’s a lot to do with kids in tow. Will definitely reconsider!

  4. India has been on my bucket list forever now, and while I always thought it was more of a grown ups holiday, it seems there is so much for kids to experience there as well x

  5. India is a fab place to visit. Great idea to take children along and expose them to other exciting countries xx

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