Skiing in France


It is time to head for those snowy slopes after the summer. If you fancy a holiday on some stunning snow capped mountains, France has lots to offer for a family holiday. Before you go ahead and look for the best options and locations for skiing in France, there are certain things that you should know about skiing, the usual temperatures, and the general cost range in France.

Here are some essential pointers

  • The skiing season starts from December and lasts till April. Yes, it is still possible to go skiing in April! Temperature can vary from 10-11 degrees to 2-3 degrees Celsius, although places can sometimes reach the minus figures.
  • If you plan to do some early season skiing, then the best two options in France are Tignes and Les Deux Alpes.
  • Although skiing costs can vary for different resorts, the costs range from €20 to €30 in most cases.
  • A 6-day ski pass costs less than a single day skiing option. If you buy passes as a group or family, the costs get more affordable.
  • In France, the red colour is meant for trails that rank between blue and a black and there almost no ropes or barriers that mark the trails.
  • In some of those extreme terrains in France, you will come across an untouched powdery sea of white snow that could be avalanche-prone.

What will stun you about skiing in France are the sheer size of the ski areas. As those Alpine villages are well connected by the extensive system of chairlifts and cable cars, one can cover villages in one day. When you ski in France, you can easily spend more than an hour descending from top to bottom with all of that vertical. And as the majority of slopes are above treeline, you get the sensation of being on top of the world and gliding on another planet.


Skiing in France

Here are some of the best ski slopes in France

Chamonix, Courchevel, and Megeve are famous for being the finest slopes for skiing in France


Chamonix is the most popular ski slopes in France and is just about two hours from Lyon. Placed at the end of Alpine, it is known as the capital of all-mountain skiing as it caters to levels of skiers, right from beginner to experienced to professional. Instructors with lots of experience can be found everywhere.


Courchevel is another famous ski slope in France and offers a number of activities and amazing mountain views that will simply take your breath away. Apart from skiing on those slopes, you can take hot air balloon rides to enjoy those views from the skies. The snow on those slopes is endless, and you can indulge in countless activities here in Courchevel.


Megeve slopes are close to Lyon and are well known to attract the top celebrities and stars. This is the right spot to be at for all those planning to do some skiing and some celebrity sightseeing. The fantastic ski slopes are divided into three sectors, from the edge of town, from out of town, and the sector which involves a bus or a horse sleigh. Also, visit Laduree Megeve, which is the hot chocolate heaven.

If planning to ski in France, make sure that you know about the leading resorts. Experience the diverse heritage of the mountains and ski and non-ski activities that are offered during the season at the leading ski resorts. When it comes to where to ski in the French Alps, it shouldn’t be too hard to make choices as almost all the ski resorts have excellent options for skiing and boast of professional ski schools. European resorts are top-rated because of the multitude options they offer. One can look for standard ski resorts as well as luxury options.


Skiing in France. Street view of Chamonix town, France. Chamonix, France - JULY 19, 2017: View of Chamonix town and Mont Blanc Massif, French Alps


Here are some of the most popular areas where the leading ski resorts are located and offer massive skiing for all abilities, whether one is a beginner, intermediate or expert.

Northern Alps ski resorts

The Northern Alps boast of world-class ski resorts with miles and miles of cross-country trails, linked skiable areas and walking trails.

Southern Alps ski resorts

The Southern Alps ski resorts carry a particular charm, and those high-mountain resorts plus the charming villages come together to offer a perfect holiday mix. Discover the mix of Alpine and Mediterranean cultures here with a southern touch.

Pyrenees ski resorts

Pyrenees ski resorts offer the full experience of a wide range of snow sports. These are like a holiday paradise for the ski lovers, and you can experience the historical villages, rejuvenating thermal waters as well as modern ski resorts in the Pyrenees.

Central Massif ski resorts

Experience the Central Massif resorts to get a whole new vision of the mountains. Apart from alpine and cross-country skiing, you can look forward to dogsledding, hang-gliding, and snowshoeing.

Jura ski resorts

The breathtaking natural beauty around the Jura ski resorts and the excellent skiing condition make these resorts the most sought after. Go on those cross-country trails winding through the trees.

Vosges ski resorts

Vosges ski resorts are located in a region known for tradition and gastronomic excellence. Discover miles of snow-covered cross-country ski trails that peek above vast forests and lakes.

When you browse different slopes and resorts for skiing in France, you will come across various costs and price range. However, in most cases, the range restricts from €20 to €30. But the final costs rely on the duration of travel, the number of days, and overall budget.

Attractions besides skiing

Once you have had enough of skiing, you can indulge in other activities. This is indeed great fun for families with children as they can enjoy a plethora of snow activities and adventure sports with their family. You can go on one of the highest cable cars in the world to nearest peaks. Or, you could ice-skate on the ice rink, trek on the glacier, or go for tobogganing and cross-country skiing on the French slopes. Families can also enjoy snowboarding, snowshoeing, and snow biking. There are several mountain biking schools to train those who are newcomers. There are plenty of other activities too, such as trekking to the top of the mountain. Go around the lakes or cross the forest. It is fun to discover the typical mountain hamlets. In some areas and resorts, one can also explore heritage trips and visit local museums or indulge in a spa or steam bath. One can see holidaymakers enjoying football and mountain biking on those slopes and visiting nearby villages. Apart from enjoying excellent skiing experience, there is plenty to do in those ski slopes and resorts in France.


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  1. Wow this is so so useful!! I’d love to bring the family on a ski holiday but didn’t know the ins and outs, thanks for the tips. I can’t believe that a 6-day ski pass costs less than a single day!

  2. One more tip for ski holidays – you don’t need to stay in a ski resort to have a great holiday. Living in close proximity to several small to big ski resorts our guests (and us!) would often wake, check the forecast and head to wherever the weather looked best. The other advantage of not being in the heart of a ski resort is that non-skiing family members are better catered for. Personally, I prefer La Clusaz and Le Grand Bornand to Megeve (price) although it is true that Megeve is a very pretty village. #allaboutfrance

    • I second this totally. Many people might be surprised to hear that there’s skiing close to the Côte d’Azur (where I live and have my gite) so we do exactly the same as you, choosing between all the different local resorts. We’re very spoilt as we can combine skiing with the beach (and even have a view of the sea from the top of the slopes!)

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