Unlike Paris, Toronto isn’t widely known for romance. But still, Toronto boasts some great date spots that swoon you and your loved one. From historic districts to parks, the city has several scenic spots. Winter ice-skating makes you slide around with him or her and offers you many opportunities to have fun with each other and the summer donates more variety. Following is a list of romantic sites in Toronto that hold some best things for a couple. You can also check out the amazing flight deals at Cathay Pacific if you are travelling from Delhi to Toronto by clicking on the link. There are plenty of things to experience in Toronto, these are just a few ideas.

Trinity Bellwoods Park

It’s a park encompassing a wide area of land that consists of volleyball, baseball and a tennis court as well. A long walk is a good choice for a couple to share their thoughts, so here you have plenty of walking paths beneath a stunning skyline between old but beautiful trees. Or you can lay a blanket down and have a picnic with your partner. West of the park hangs a coffee shop, a favourable drink for many lovers. Some couples come here to jog under its soothing ambience. The other amenities that these park features are tree-laden sitting areas, dog walking areas and a hill for tobogganing in winter.

Sunset from CN Tower

A great sightseeing spot. It’s a must-visit place for couples who come to Toronto. It features a glass floor which is scary at the same time. Even the elevator is transparent and takes less than a minute to reach the observatory deck. The best time to step on to the CN tower is the night. The sinking sun from the Toronto sky generates amazing scenery that is visible to CN tower. Sunset, cocktail and dinner night are some closely related incidents with romance. So join your partner and cling on to the CN Tower to rush your adrenaline!

Chester Hill Lookout

It’s a classic spot for lovers. It may be a tiny lookout but the panoramic view of the city overlooking the Don Valley parkway values a lot. It’s like a hidden gem in Toronto. The designs on the floor are so cool with a bunch of astrological signs. Your idea to visit this place is best after dinner as the backdrop starts glittering with lights. And the scenery is great at night and daytime as well. Anyone who steps on this lookout automatically becomes a photographer. Good for a romantic sunset vista!

Toronto harbour dinner cruise

Although there are plenty of great restaurants in Toronto, there aren’t many that can give a good view of the city’s skyline. But the harbour dinner cruise on the lake Ontario offers you some incredible views of a harbourfront area. This is a valuable opportunity for couples to have a long talk on a river cruise with mouthwatering food and breathtaking views. Meals are provided in buffet-style with options for both veg and non-veg visitors. After the meal, pull your partner to the dance floor and shake legs to DJ tunes.

Putting Edge

From the very moment you enter, you and your partner would be immersed in Glow-in-the-Dark colours. It will always be seen as a kaleidoscope. Putting Edge will make you escape from the real world. It’s a universe full of fun. Soundtracks are also unique to wake up one’s romance. They will serve you snacks, bottled soft drinks and frozen beverages. Enjoy playing 45 minutes of the Mini Golf game with your loved one! A date night at Putting Edge will be like travelling to another planet.

SOMA Chocolates

Just as flowers, chocolates to signify romance. SOMA doesn’t do flowers. It is a chocolate maker. Buy your partner some fresh chocolates from the Distillery District shop. The atmosphere of the place is made charming and attractive with homemade sweets. Many couples find hot chocolate drinks and cookies as outstanding. Chocolates made by fresh cocoa seeds have a heavenly taste and the fine arts on it are appreciable. Its taste, decorations and the smell can raise positive feelings among the couples.

Humber Bay Arch Bridge

A nice place to visit in the late evening and a perfect place for a date night. It gives good breezes in the evening with beautiful sights of downtown Toronto. There are separate paths for pedestrians where you can walk hand in hand with him or her and cyclists where you can ride on bicycles. For your convenience take a visit to Humber Bay Arch Bridge with your partner on weekdays. This is a landmark and many people visit the place for recreational activities. It would surely be a pleasant and amazing experience for you and your partner to be on this Arch Bridge in a chilling vibrant evening.

Toronto Botanical Garden

Flowers and lovers are rhyming words which also enhance the meaning of each other. Therefore, every couple would usually select a garden for their first date. In such a case, the Toronto Botanical Garden would be the best destination right in the heart of the city. There are really beautiful Canadian flora and fauna to explore in this spacious garden. This is also a spot that is selected by couples to shoot their wedding photos. Walking trails are amazing under the shade. If the couple is plant lovers, your date would be rather a meaningful one. The garden dresses for all the four seasons colourfully.

Casa Loma

Hold your partner’s hand and have a walk back to many years at Casa Loma. This is an amazing historical location. The view from the top of the castle is great. Gardens are well maintained and nice with a fountain. There is also one of the first modern-style plumbing systems which are very well preserved. The architecture is superb and very decorative with a stained glass ceiling. It may be a 20th-century building but still stands so gorgeous. On your way to the top of the tower, try to grab your partner at a secret room in the castle!


Romantic places in Toronto. Toronto boasts some great date spots that swoon you and your loved one. From historic districts to parks, the city has several scenic spots.


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