Hiya little fella x

I never got chance to write last week but I don’t think we did too much out of the ordinary. We took your Uncle H to the airport as they have gone to Greece for a wedding. We also went to clinic, you were 18lb x

I have just got you settled in bed so I am going to quickly tell you about your first holiday! We got back this afternoon, it was such a lovely week Lucas x

We stayed in a cottage in Staveley, your Daddy and I go to Windermere every year and this time thought we would stay just a little outside. It’s about 3 miles from Windermere, I was hoping we could walk in but the road to get into Windermere is a busy main road with footpaths far and few between. It only took us about 10 minutes in the car though and there was also a train around the corner from the cottage that stops at Windermere x

Staveley is lovely, a nice quiet village with a couple of pubs, cafes and shops. There is also a river that we walked down to, apparently salmon can be seen going down the weir around September/October time which would have been nice to see but the environmental agency were doing some work so that would probably have disturbed their route x

We went into Windermere on Sunday and spent some time by the lake, we took you to mine and your Daddy’s favourite spot x

a pier on lake windermere

On Monday we stayed around Staveley, had a couple of walks and chilled at the cottage x

dan and Lucas at staveley train station

We took you on the train on Tuesday to Windermere, you loved looking out of the window sat with your Daddy. We walked down to Bowness and had lunch at The Albert, I had the most amazing vegetable and chickpea moroccan curry. We then took you on the boat, Tuesday was a day of transport firsts for you. You were squealing with excitement on the boat! We got off the boat at Brockhole. It is beautiful there, we had a walk around and played mini golf. For some reason you thought golf was hilarious and couldn’t stop chuckling. We will definitely take you there when you are older, there are so many activities you can do x

a view of lake windermere

We went to Kendal on Wednesday, we wanted to buy you some more winter clothes but couldn’t find anything for your size. We had a mooch around the shops and your Daddy bought a couple of tops and bought me a gorgeous cardy from The White Stuff x

Lucas and I at beatrix potter next to peter rabbit

On Thursday we went to Windermere and took you to The World of Beatrix Potter. That was great, every part of it from walking in is done with such beautiful detail. I’m going to write a separate post about it so I won’t jabber on now. We then went to Brysons for afternoon tea, we have been before and it was just as good as we remembered x


You came down with a cold on Thursday evening, you were really struggling with a sniffly nose and was up and down all night. Your Daddy and I took turns taking you out on Friday while the other caught up on sleep. I took you to Windermere and your Daddy went for a walk around Staveley with you x

New tastes this week;
Scone with cream and jam
Fish and veg pie
Sweet and sour chicken
Pork and apple casserole

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