One minute you’re driving a cool three door sporty number and the next, you’re having to size up to a vehicle that can feel like the size of a minibus. When you start to have a family, there a few sacrifices fellow mummy’s and daddy’s will often talk about, one of those includes trading in that stylish car for something more “practical”. You might cringe, but you now have little-ones to think about too!

Worry not though as there is hope. A family car doesn’t necessarily have to be “un-cool”. But before you think about whether it has heated seats or big impressive alloys, do you know what the top 5 things are that you should be looking out for when choosing your family car?

Will your pram/pushchair fit in the boot?

One of the most important things to look at is the boot. Will it house the pram that you’re bound to bring with you every time you leave the house? Take your pram to the garage with you and make sure it fits in safely. Don’t forget to check whether it still has room around it for your bag of baby essentials and any shopping! The car I had when we had Lucas in his pram, didn’t fit the pram in the boot and it made every journey so much harder.

Does it have five doors?

Have you ever tried to manoeuvre a sleeping baby into the backseat of a three door car by yourself? If you have, you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s hard enough to do this as a grown adult, never mind having to move the seat forward, contort yourself and safely get said sleeping child in all by yourself.

Will your children be safe in an accident?

Safety comes first when you have children in tow. Instead of looking at what makes the car cool, make sure that your new car has all the safety features that help protect kids. Does it have isofix for the car seat or are you happy using the seat belt method?

Does it need to be brand new?

Think cheerios’ in every nook and cranny, juice stains on every inch of fabric and 10 month old pieces of toast just hiding there growing their own inhabitants. Instead of looking for something shiny and new, why not check out used cards on the AA! They have an extensive range of used Ford cars, perfect for your next family run-around.

Long holidays planned? Will it be comfortable enough?

Whether you have a family road trip planned or not, your family car is almost guaranteed to be the car you take absolutely everywhere! Make sure it’s comfortable for everyone for those long trips to the coast.

Cupholders…the most overlooked but a super convenient element.

Ah the humble cupholder. Children need to be kept hydrated (shocking I know)! Keep them happy and feeling slightly grown-up, by letting them pop their no-spill cup in their own little holder. This is sure to keep them feeling independent and possibly entertained!

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Top 5 things to keep your eyes open for when looking for a new family car

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  1. Totally agree with the cup holders! This is great as we’re hoping to upgrade our car in the next year or two. I like little gadgets in cars 0 things like usb chargers in the back and fold down tables etc….all makes for a more comfortable ride 🙂

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