When you’re buying a new home, or re-doing your current home, there’s so much that you pay attention to; the location, the interiors and everything else. You put so much effort into making sure that your space ticks all the boxes for you, and that’s great, but what if one day, when you’re at work or on holiday in Fuerteventura, someone breaks into your home?


7 Things to Consider Before Buying a Home Security System. Photo of Architect Using Home Security System On Mobile Phone


Investing in a home security system has become a need of the time, considering how stats have been pointing out to the rising figures of the number of home break-ins every year. If you’re considering buying a home security system, here’s some help your way. Keep reading to discover 7 things you absolutely must know about before you get your hands on one!

Browse Through your Options

Google ‘home security systems in UK’ and you’ll find a plethora of options to pick from. Being spoilt for choice can be good, but the array of options, each one seeming to be better than the next can leave you overwhelmed and cloud your judgement. Before you take the plunge, get price quotes from at least 5 different service providers and get an idea about what they have to offer for the price tag on them.

Understand the difference

If it is your first time buying a home security system, you might find things to be a bit tricky. There are usually two types of security systems you might have to pick from; a wireless one, and a hardwired one. A wireless security system is pretty easy to set up as opposed to a hardwired one, which requires a lot of drilling to ensure everything is connected to your home’s main circuit box. Both of these variants are great in their own way, and depending upon your budget, you can pick either of them.


7 Things to Consider Before Buying a Home Security System. Photo of Thief apartment studying security system of a new house


Ask about power outages

While most established home security system companies offer systems that work even when you’re facing a power outage, it is best to make sure and confirm with them beforehand. A lot of wireless systems work on batteries or on solar power, which is great. What’s more, most of these systems work on low voltage, so they don’t even need a lot of power, and they usually come with a battery backup, make sure you confirm all of that with the provider though.

Size matters

While size does matter when it comes to choosing a security system for your home, it should not be the only factor you should consider. If you have an apartment or a bungalow, it might make sense to opt for a smaller system. If your home is larger, 2 or 3 storey, opting for a hardwired security system may be your best bet, since such a system would be able to handle a larger amount of monitoring.

Look at the pricing

The pricing is another important factor you need to keep in mind before you finalise on the system of your choice. Some systems may also offer additional services such as asset protection devices or systems that allow security cameras to be linked to your smartphone, and while those may sound great, they may come with a huge price tag, so think over everything carefully before you make that investment.

In general, opting for a simple system that has sensors on your doors and windows, and alerts you when anyone tries to break in or there’s an intruder can be adequate, unless of course, you have a bigger home and more assets that need to be protected.


7 Things to Consider Before Buying a Home Security System. Photo of  7 Things to Consider Before Buying a Home Security System


Check for add-ons

Many security system companies may also offer a few add-ons in addition to the basic setup to help you take your home security up a notch. You might be suggested central system monitoring, which would cost you a small amount, which would help notify the alarm company in case there’s an emergency. If you have a home insurance policy, getting a security system may mean you’ll see a reduction in your monthly premiums too, which is great.

Choose quality

Last, but definitely not the least, remember to choose quality over quantity, even when you’re buying a home security system. You might be tempted to pick one that claims to offer a range of other add-ons (probably the ones that you don’t really need), for the same price that you’re getting a basic, yet reliable setup, but just don’t. Always check reviews and then double check before you pick one that meets your needs.

Remember to always choose from a company that has a good history of providing top-notch security systems for homes, and even offices, and has updated and modern equipment. Do a thorough research about the service provider and their offerings, which is super easy now thanks to the power of the internet. The right home security system could prove to be an investment for you.


7 Things to Consider Before Buying a Home Security System

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  1. Some good points to consider. Have been thinking about adding a home security system to our house but have been daunted by it but this has helped. Never thought to think about what would happen if there was a power outage.

  2. Found this really useful as it’s certainly something I have thought about over the past two years but really didn’t know where to start on something like this. Home security is really important but also needs to be practical

    Laura x

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