When you first imagine London’s City financial district, do thoughts of people marching to tall office buildings in sharp suits, clutching briefcases with furrowed brows, enter your mind?

Yes, it is like that in some way; however, there are actually several tourist attractions there that also demand attention, whether you’re in the finance industry or not. The next time you’re on a trip to London for business or pleasure, add the below sights to your bucket list.

London Wall

Add a sprinkle of history to your next visit by spending time at the London Wall. The Romans built this landmark during the first or second century as a defence mechanism, and parts still stand strong today. Although the exact reasons for building the wall remain largely unknown, the mere sight of it is breathtaking and totally worth a view.

The London Wall is situated in Tower Hill, in the heart of the City financial district. While only fragments of the wall remain, it’s still an iconic piece of British history that will not disappoint you.

Canary Wharf

Part of London’s financial district is, indeed, an exciting tourist attraction in itself. Most notably, there’s much to do in Canary Wharf during the summertime. Each year, Canada Square Park comes alive with music and an electrifying atmosphere at their summer concerts.

Dive into the mix of hand-blended drinks and breathtaking views from a London roof top bar. Rise to the 48th floor of The Sky Bar and party amongst the titanic skyscrapers of London’s iconic Canary Wharf district.

If you’re looking for something a bit more family-friendly, the Museum of London Docklands is a fun yet educational place to stop and visit.

London’s Roman Amphitheatre

Explore the hidden history representative of London’s time under Roman rule. The next time you find yourself in the financial district, allow yourself the pleasure of viewing London’s Roman Amphitheatre; captivating remains of the original walls and the drainage system await you.

What’s more, this magnificent landmark even features the sand that was once used to soak up the blood from wounded gladiators.  Impressive!

30 St Mary Axe

You may better know this awe-inspiring structure as ‘The Gherkin’. Officially named 30 St Mary Axe, this building is symbolic of modern London culture and can be found standing proudly in the heart of the financial district.

While you cannot enter the building as just a curious member of the public, it’s still most certainly a sight worth seeing! Since its construction finished in 2003, The Gherkin has become widely regarded as the most famous modern building in the capital.

So, does London’s City financial district have little to appeal to tourists? No, we’ve established that, actually, there’s much to see and do as a visitor. It’s also worth noting that London’s incredible public transportation system means that you’re never too far away from the next hotspot area.

The next time you visit England’s capital, be sure to look into City of London hotels to arrange an overnight stay. With so much to do in the financial district alone, it’s unlikely that you’ll tick everything on your list in just one day. So, organise accommodation to give yourself a well-needed rest before embarking on the next adventure.


Tourist attractions in London financial district



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  1. Very helpful to find out about all these gems tugged away in the Financial District. After reading about all of them, it seems that that are of London should actually be high on the list to visit! Thanks!

  2. The city is beautiful in the evening…I think every city has something to offer if you look closely enough. Sounds like some nice places to check out!

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