The area in and around Chicago boasts some of the most exciting sights in the world. It is truly an international city that is the best of times attracts people from all around the globe. Whether you are visiting or live in Chicago and want to just get a little bit outside of the city, this opens you up to the world of bikepacking, whether you are cycling alone or cycling with children. A fat tire bike is the ideal mode of transportation for this relatively new adventure. This style of the bike allows you to get off the pavement and explore the gravel roads and paths of the upper Midwest. The key to enjoying this activity to the maximum extent possible centres around having the right equipment. You want to bring what you need and leave the rest behind.

Travelling light is important when combing biking with exploring and camping. If you are considering bikecamping, you will want the following essentials:

• A good bike with the ability to carry some extras

• Bike gear such as helmet, gloves, lights and repair tools

• Shelter such as a tent or tarp

• A sleeping bag and pad

• Clothing

• Camera or phone

You want to travel light and adopt a minimalist mindset. This enables you to explore some of the top corners of northern Illinois and nearby environs.

Places To Check Out

Now that you’ve got your gear, you need a destination. To the north and east, Michigan offers the possibilities of the North Country Trail, which comes just over a hundred miles or so from Chicago. Not all sections of the trail are open to bikers, but plenty are. Equipped with one of the best hybrid bikes for men, you can tackle the gentle ascents and descents of the upper Midwest. The trail system takes riders through pine forests and mature hardwoods, skirting lakes and wilderness streams. Hybrid bikes, available in women’s models, too, handle paved bike paths as well as the more serious terrain of a hiking trail. The further north you go on the trail the more adventure awaits, as the area gets wilder and less populated, and more camping options exit. It’s easy to put together a weekend or a trip that goes for a full week or more.

On the west side of Lake Michigan, the Chequamegon and Nicolet National Forests of Wisconsin offer splendid options for bikepacking. A bit closer to Chicago, the Palos Forest Preserve offers 15,000 acres of preserved forest land and meadows interlaced with quality mountain biking trails.

Bikes To Check Out

Finding the right style of bike for your favourite activity is crucial, whether you are going on a multi-day journey or spending a few hours at the beach or city park. City bicycles make your trip inside the city limits even better by offering comfort and a sturdy frame to handle urban rides. They give you the versatility to go on another kind of adventure, pedalling along the Lake Michigan shoreline and gazing at the Chicago skyline. Upright handlebars, sturdy brakes and tires and space to carry your gear whether you are commuting or having fun get you around the city safely.


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  1. Cycling is such a fun adventure. I’ve biked through Chicago a few times but never went outside the city! Looks like so much fun.

  2. Cycling is such a fun thing to do, especially with friends and family. Your article is very interesting and informative as well

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