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There are so many things to think of when pregnant to get everything prepared before the baby arrives.

• Buying nappies and wipes
• Washing baby grows
• Finding the right batteries for the mobile
•  Top of the list for me was fixing the car seat ready for the journey home from hospital – a short trip, but a crucial thing to get right.

Hours are spent agonising over the floor fixing for the seat and how to use the seatbelt to attach it in place. Did we get the right sort? Would another fixing mechanism had been more suited to our car? Had I fitted it correctly?

A friend mentioned to me that a couple of weeks after they brought their baby home and were all settling into family life, her uncle popped by to visit. He pointed out to her and her partner that their front tyres looked a bit worn. They checked them and found out that the tyres were not just worn down but barely legal. Of course, they then had the tyres changed immediately.
Looking back, I realised something which actually made me angry with myself; I had fussed and focused so much attention on the car seat but had overlooked the tyres of my car. Tyres are one of the most important safety features of any vehicle, since they are the only thing connecting the car to the road and I had forgotten all about them. Nothing bad happened but what if my car’s tyres were in the same condition as that of my friend and I’d needed to brake suddenly on that first trip back or had to swerve suddenly to avoid something?

So when your baby comes along, it is crucial to ensure not only the car seat is ready but also get the car in which the baby would be traveling checked thoroughly. It is best to visit a reliable car tyre dealer to have your car tyres checked. Point S tyre dealers can check all your tyres in no time. It can be so much safer if;

• Your tyres are realigned
• Inspected for wear and tear
• Inspected for inner cracks and bulges
• Check tyre tread
• Check tyre pressure

After all, you need your tyres to be in perfect condition when bringing your precious newborn home from the hospital safely.





12 Comments on Preparing Your Car For Baby’s First Drive

  1. You are so right, I think this is something that often gets neglected, even after baby comes home but when we are driving our children around to nursery, clubs and parties, it is really important to get everything checked!! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. In Ireland a new law has been brought in about tyres recently. They all need to be the same make and less than 7 years old. So important to check them.

  3. Some great pointers, thanks for sharing. Definitely worth baring these things in mind, especially if you’ve got a little one to look after.

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