If one of your car headlights goes out, you will want to fix it quickly. Not only is it illegal to drive with non-functioning lights, but it is also very dangerous. Of course, most people don’t have spare headlights hanging around, although you are meant to have a spare set in your car when driving in France. So, you will likely need to order a new headlight bulb or assembly. The following are some of the fastest options for getting a new headlight.

Buy In-Store

Arguably the simplest option is to buy a new headlight in an auto parts store. If you have a retail store near you, you can just stop by and but the part. Many of the major brands carry a large selection of headlight bulbs. They may not have lights for less-common models. It can also be hard to find full lights (as opposed to bulbs).

If you are heading to a major auto parts brand, you can check online if they have the part in the store. Of course, if you are planning to do that, you may as well choose curbside pickup.

Click and collect

This is an even faster option than buying in a store. You can buy online pick up in-store and have your new headlight in your car within a matter of minutes. This option is offered by major brands such as AutoZone. It has picked up steam following the COVID-19 pandemic.

All you need to do is find the part you want and order it. Then, stop by the store and an associate will bring it to your car. It couldn’t be easier. This also has the advantage of letting you ship parts to the store. So, you can pick the item up even if they don’t have the part in-store. Typically, store pick-up is faster than delivery to your home even if the part needs to be shipped.

Order With Fast Shipping

Finally, you can always order delivery to your home. This is the most convenient option, but it may be slower than the alternatives. It is especially helpful for other items that prevent you from driving your car.

How To Replace a Headlight

Once you have the part, you can replace the headlight. You should check the service manual for your vehicle to find the specific steps. However, all vehicles have the same basic process:

1. Disconnect the negative terminal on the battery for safety.

2. Locate the headlight rear in the engine compartment.

3. Lift the current part out. If you are replacing the full headlight, you will need to loosen the fasteners. If you are replacing only the bulb, it may simply unscrew from the back.

4. Disconnect the headlight cable from the part.

5. Connect your replacement component.

6. Put the headlight back in place.

7. Reconnect the battery.

8. Test that the lights are working as intended.

Get Started

Replacing your headlights is an easy maintenance task that anyone can learn to do. You can get started today by ordering delivery or in-store pickup. Get started and see how much you can achieve with a few parts and tools from your favourite store.


Fastest Ways To Get New Headlights


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  1. Thankfully my fiancé knows a lot about cars so anything like that he would be able to change himself, so I’m very lucky x

  2. These are really helpful tips. It just seems like we overlook this important aspect being a car owner. I should get a spare headlight now, just in case. Thanks for the reminder!

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