It is still very much Winter here even though we are nearly in the middle of March, with snow in the past couple of weeks, I thought I would try and encourage the sunshine to arrive with a giveaway from SunSense. So whether you are staying at home or going on holiday, you will be prepared to protect your skin from the suns rays.

Formulated to meet the Australian standard – the most stringent in the world – it contains high-quality ingredients that help protect against UVA and UVB radiation and is dermatologically tested – making it suitable for sensitive skin.

SunSense are giving away one reader a tube of Daily Face cream, a Kid’s roll on and their newest product, Ultra worth over £40.

SunSense Mothers Day gift ideas sun sense dailyface tube and bottle


I featured the Daily Face cream in my Mother’s Day gift guide. It is an SPF 50+ facial sunscreen ideal for all year round protection – use it every day on the face, neck and chest, to help protect against sunburn, sun damage, and premature ageing from sun exposure. This light, soft cream has an oil-free base and is tinted for a sheer matt finish. It also contains vitamin E and B3 to improve the appearance of fine lines and increase elasticity.


SunSense a photo of the Kids bottle and roll on

SunSense Kids sunscreen is an easy to apply lotion especially formulated for the delicate skin of children from 6 months and above. It contains Vitamin B3, SPF 50+ with UVA and UVB broad spectrum protection. It is water resistant for 4 hours, has a non-greasy feel, and easy to apply, to help encourage children to apply daily, and re-apply regularly.

SunSense ultra bottles and roll on. Red and white packaging

SunSense Ultra sunscreen is a light, smooth, easy-to-apply lotion, providing SPF 50+ protection, UVA and UVB broad spectrum protection with 4 hours water resistance. It is perfect for the whole family and a great way to get the children into a habit of applying sunscreen every day whether at home or holiday, a sunny or cloudy day.




SunSense giveaway. Formulated to meet the Australian standard – the most stringent in the world – it contains high-quality ingredients that help protect against UVA and UVB radiation and is dermatologically tested – making it suitable for sensitive skin. #vacation #sunscreen






177 Comments on SunSense giveaway – get ready for Summer!

  1. We are off to Portugal this year plus I have my family visiting from Australia so we will be taking short breaks in the UK

  2. Yes, we have a short break and a longer holiday overseas planned plus a couple of visits to my Mum

  3. yes we are going La Pineda in Catalonia, in May and October half terms. We have stayed at the same hotel for the past 5 years..its fantastic

  4. First holiday for a decade! Long weekend in Skegness in September but I reckon Mother Nature owes us a decent summer.

  5. We were supposed to be going away as a family but things are really difficult in my marriage at the moment and so might just take my daughter and myself away for a short break on our own.

  6. My family and I have a holiday in Croatia booked for May this year. We have never been before so we are very excited!

  7. No holidays planned yet as am waiting to see if I will keep my job or not but once I know then I will defo be looking at booking one

  8. We are hoping to go to Crete later on in the year but not sure yet. hopefully we will have a nice summer here in Wales really need some warm sunny weather.

  9. We are going to Skegness Butlins for a week at the end of July and then I’m off to Majorca in august for my friends hen do, my first time abroad and it’s without the kids!

  10. I have a short break planned to Bath and also a short weekend break to Wiltshire to participate in a sound healing meditation inside the stone circle of Stonehenge. Can’t wait!

  11. my mum and dad have suprised me and my partner to a holiday in october. its a surprise destination!

  12. I am taking my son to Florida in October, saved really hard to be able to do this and we are so excited! Would love to win some Sunsense, it’s great stuff, I get prickly heat and I have only found this and Ultrasun that I don’t get it with

  13. We’re going to Las Vegas in November. Will try to squeeze in another few days somewhere in the Summer but nothing specific planned yet.

  14. Nothing planned yet, but this giveaway would be useful for grandchildren who are going to Benidorm

  15. We are off to Butlins this year so banking on the Great British Weather to be good to us 😀

  16. Yep, we’re very excited to be going to Portugal for the first time ever! I’m wondering if booking in August was sensible as I’m not that good in the heat and we have a little one too, but I think it’ll be ok..we might just go out when the sun’s not too hot, like early morning/evening! lol!

  17. We have nothing booked yet. However we intend booking a package holiday in Europe over the next couple of weeks. We have 4 children, with the eldest being nearly 23 and the youngest nearly 12 and the children have never been on a package holiday. I had to give up work due to ill health recently and so will get a lump sum as part of my pension – we are going to take the opportunity to have a family holiday as this may be the last time we all go away together.

  18. We are heading to Crete in July, definitely needing to find new sun protection for my pasty Scottish skin! Bring on the freckles!

  19. We are going on holiday to Cala Viñas in May! It’s my first ever time abroad so I’m really excited but petrified at the same time!

  20. We are heading to Gran Caneria in Sept.
    This is such an amazing prize! As a skin cancer sufferer i can’t stress the importance of sun screen. Please count me in xxx

  21. We always stay with my dad for a week over the summer it’s only Surrey but I love visiting as it’s where I grew up

  22. We have actually just started to plan our first ever abroad holiday today – we are hoping to go to spain in September providing we can affors it all 🙂

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