Meditation may sound like an exotic spiritual or religious ritual, but it is actually a relaxation technique combining various practices without a religious doctrine. It could mean focusing on an object or sound, visualisation and becoming aware of and regulating the breath.

The aim is to achieve a sense of peace and relaxation, thus leading to a balanced state, holistic good health and heightened awareness. It has long been known that the mind and body are inter-connected, so the health of one depends on the other. Studies have now shown that meditation alleviates certain physical conditions, apart from enhancing mental and emotional states.

Positive Effects of Meditation

Meditation teaches one to get rid of stress by learning to relax and enjoy a sense of well being. Due to heightened self awareness, concentration and confidence improve. There are powerful emotional and mental benefits, leading to a positive attitude to life and strong sense of purpose.

The right hemisphere of the brain is related to emotional processes, while the left side is linked to the intellectual. Meditation helps to balance both parts and boosts the brain functioning, leading to a balanced personality.

Health Benefits of Meditation

Apart from the mental and emotional benefits, meditation offers many physical benefits to improve and maintain good health. It was discovered in the 1970s that involuntary physiological functions like the heartbeat can be controlled by meditation, on the premise that the mind can control the body.

Research has proved that many conditions like skin problems, asthma, headaches and pains can be psychosomatic manifestations of anxiety or tension. This upsets the balance of chemicals in the body, which can be corrected by meditation. Since stress is the cause of a number of physical problems, achieving a stress free and peaceful state ensures that the related conditions are avoided or erased. Once the source of the problem is addressed, the bodily functions and immune system are strengthened. Clinical studies have shown that just simple breathing exercises can alleviate stress induced conditions like asthma, sinusitis and panic attacks, phobias, irrational fears and improve mental health. Calming the mind and body acts as a natural cure for insomnia.

Moreover, meditation helps to control even more serious problems like high blood pressure, circulatory problems, muscular tension and pain. With improved circulation and a regulated heart rate, blood pressure and cardiac problems can be prevented. Chronic and even terminal illness can be alleviated by meditation.

Meditation inspires a peaceful, happy mind, described by Buddhists as “in the world and not of it”. Consequently, it also impacts the body, and alleviates stress related and psychosomatic conditions. It has been seen that meditation has a greater physiological impact than other forms of relaxation or exercise. Since it is not based on a religion or belief, it can be used universally to promote holistic health.


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The health benefits of meditation



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  1. I have anxiety and I’ve started using mindfulness to ground myself. I find it helps a lot when I start to feel anxious/

  2. I suffer with fibromyalgia, a chronic pain condition which affects me daily. I use mindfulness and meditation for my pain management instead of drugs, it is a very powerful tool which is a more holistic approach to your well being.

  3. Great prize. As meditation is probably something that we should all learn about, consider making use of, try it out, make regular use of meditation :- Especially if it is found to be beneficial for the individual ‘s health and wellbeing. Possibly could benefit family life, work life, group activities, etc. As may allow us to be more Patient, ‘ Present in the Moment ‘, etc. As able to take ‘time out ‘ to Relax, Recuperate, Re – charge, Re – Enerise. Effective use of Resources, Energy, Energy Levels, etc, etc, etc.

  4. I didn’t realise how many physical issues could be helped by meditation. I have a really hard time with mind chatter and I think this would help me. I’m certainly going to look into this more.

  5. How lovely, I suffer with a chronic long-term illness that holds me back physically in life, meditation is a good coping mechanism I feel I need to look into after reading this

  6. My new year’s resolution is to take time out for me in mindful ways. At the moment, that’s mostly yoga and meditation, so this would be great inspiration!

  7. Wow I would love this, I definitely need some calmness and mindfulness in my life. Thanks for the chance xxx

  8. This year I definitely want to try and conquer the art of meditation, it would be so beneficial to me in lots of ways.

  9. My daughter and daughter-in-law have attended courses through work, they loved it! I’d like to learn a little more

  10. I’ve been suffering with chronic migraines for nearly 2 years now and I could really do with some pointers to try and help me relax and see if it helps my migraines

  11. I think a lot of people get put off by meditation by thinking you have to sit cross-leggged and chant ‘om’. Once I figured out you can meditate in a multitude of different ways, it made a huge difference!

  12. Wonderful prize. We need some quiet, restful positive time. As generally there is a sense of busyness, rushing, speed, hurrying, hustle and bustle. Quality Time is Important for all ages, and life stages, etc.

  13. I try to meditate at least ten minutesa day, as it helps me cope with my pain, but often I don’t have the energy and I need a bit of a boost!

  14. I am a great advocate of meditation but rubbish at actually doing it! This book sounds great, it would focus me to actually make 10 minutes to do it

  15. this does sound really good! id love to read it to see if i can take steps to help me cope with stress etter

  16. This would be amazing, I am really trying hard to take the time by myself to improve my mood with myself and others.

  17. Interesting book look lke something I could give as a gifted to one of my family membersat I think would like it.

  18. this sounds great – everyone needs to take some time out to look after their well being however they can

  19. I want to start meditating, but i want to learn more about it first and understand it this book would be a really fantastic starting point

  20. I have health anxiety which i’am trying to overcome. I find walking helps me alot or listening to meditation music. I think this book would be a great comfort to me,

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