We all have a role to play in protecting children and young people from child abuse and neglect but most people find the decision to report child abuse a difficult one. They worry about overreacting or being wrong, and may question whether they have strong enough evidence, or if they have misread the signs of abuse or misunderstood a situation. These fears are understandable, but unfounded.

Tackling child abuse
You don’t need to be absolutely certain of what you’ve seen or heard to call your local children’s social care team. Information is usually gathered from many sources, and your report would form one part of a bigger picture.

Tackling child abuse
Another big worry people have is that someone will find out they have made a report, but this is unlikely to happen as you can make the call anonymously, although most people do give their details.
Some people don’t report suspected abuse because they think it might just be a one-off. But even if that is the case, every child deserves to be protected and it is better to be safe than sorry.

Tackling child abuse
Research shows that some people prefer to talk to someone such as a partner, family member or friend before making a report – and that’s perfectly fine.
If you have a feeling that something’s not right, talk to your local children’s social care team who can look into it.

Tackling child abuse
To spot the signs of child abuse or neglect, look for changes in:
Appearance – such as frequent unexplained injuries, consistently poor hygiene, matted hair, unexplained gifts, or a parent regularly collecting children from school when drunk
Behaviour – such as demanding or aggressive behavior, frequent lateness or absence from school, avoiding their own family, misusing drugs or alcohol, or being constantly tired
Communication – such as sexual or aggressive language, self-harming, becoming secretive and reluctant to share information or being overly obedient.

If you’re worried about a child, visit gov.uk/reportchildabuse to get the number for your local authority.


16 Comments on Together, We Can Tackle Child Abuse

  1. It pains me to hear about child abuse. Just a week or so ago, a mother was sent to jail for killing her own child. How does one get their head around something like that? It’s horrifying 🙁

  2. I cant even bring myself to read the papers right now, so many mothers being jailed for killing their own children, stories of horrific abuse and why in this day and age it is still an issue, it really gets me x

  3. I was abused as a child by my stepmother as you know and was often made to feel by authorities as though I was exaggerating or making things up. Truth be told some people are evil.

    • Sadly they are, however you are an inspiration to anybody who has been abused that you can go on to be strong and independent x

    • I’m sure you have, within my jobs in mental health services I have seen the effects the abuse can leave in children and adults x

  4. Great post, very informative but what a heartbreaking thing to have to think about. I will never understand it and it pains me to think about it, but raising awareness is so important. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I’ve had a lot of training in previous jobs on how to spot abuse, it’s absolutely awful that it happens but so important for people to know what to do xx

  6. I think that it is still a difficult topic to talk about even now, most of us as rightly said are in fear of misreading the signs or being wrong and breaking up a family but I guess where children and young adults are concerned its better to be safe than sorry. Great post

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