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How to study effectively for A Levels

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  Over the years, the A-level syllabuses have expanded and require a lot of hard work from students to master the contents and perform well in the exams. Although the workload in A levels is immense, many students have overcome its challenges by studying smarter, not harder. I recently had an opportunity to speak with […] Read more…


How Dogs Can Help Kids Become More Responsible

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Walking the dog my mum and Lucas walking a big white fluffy dog through the field. My mum has a mustard coloured jumper in with dark blue jeans, short brown curly hair. Lucas has short wavy blonde hair holding the dogs lead and wearing dark blue jeans and black long sleeves top

  This is a guest post from Just imagine this scene in a suburban neighbourhood. A boy and girl, siblings, 10 and 8 years old respectively have leashes in hand leading to their pet dogs that they are taking along for their daily stroll through the streets and into the park. The activity that […] Read more…


5 common myths and facts about fertility

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5 common myths & facts about fertility. Separate the fact from fiction as increased stress and anxiety only harm chances of becoming pregnant

  There’s no doubt about it, fertility is a minefield. So much is written about fertility struggles and it can make for an intimidating read, especially when you’re trying to get pregnant and becoming anxious about it. It’s important to separate the fact from the fiction as increased stress and anxiety only harm your chances […] Read more…


Homemade easy children’s crafts

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Family activities and children’s craft projects are great ways to spend time together. Using household items to create crafts keep expenses low and fun high. Parents looking for things to do with children will be happy to know that there are several items already in their homes that can be used to create easy crafts. […] Read more…