With it being so easy to travel the world now, it’s not surprising that so many people venture further afield to settle down. We’ve recently moved to France, my cousin moved to New Zealand 3 years ago and my other cousin met his future wife whilst travelling to Australia and she has now made the UK her home.

With Christmas coming up and one of Lucas’ friends birthday next month, I’ve been looking at how I can send gifts without spending an absolute fortune on customs fees and delivery.

Then, an email popped up from Anthony who, after trying to send presents to friends around the world, has created a solution in the form of an app. It’s not live yet but I can’t wait to see it. Splitcha launches on November 12th and is designed to help overseas students, ex-pats, military personal abroad, holidaymakers, business travellers, gift-givers, parents and anyone that wants to have products arrive in a destination other than where they reside. In essence, Anthony wants online shoppers to export their desires, not products. You have one app, one account, and the ability to shop online across any country as if you were a local.

Once in the app, you type in what you need and where you need it, set a max budget per item and post it to their network of shoppers all over the world. They will source your products and arrange delivery using their local online accounts. The total cost of the items, plus the commissions appear so no hidden charges at the end.

Using local retailers the arrival on the gift or products for yourself arrive quicker and the airfreight and shopping costs are massively reduced. It’s also so much better for the environment as you aren’t transporting products around the world with you, they are being conveniently sent from a local courier. The payments are all handled by PayPal so you have peace of mind about the security of your payments.

Register you interest here whether you want to use the app to buy products or become one of their registered sellers.


Send products worldwide without high shipping and custom charges. Splitcha sends products worldwide using local businesses


16 Comments on Send products worldwide like a local with Splitcha

  1. This sounds like it’s going to be a very useful app. I sometimes take part in the Reddit gift exchanges and it’s always so hard to find products that will ship outside of the UK. When I do, the shipping prices are always high.

  2. Wow, this is sounds great and helpful to me. I love sending stuffs to my loved ones most especially during holiday season.

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