D has been talking about getting Lucas a balance bike for Summer. So when, Toddlebike offered to send* Lucas a bike, I thought it was perfect timing.

Toddlebike2 is a unique “Pre-Balance” bike, £23.95, suitable for toddlers as soon as they can confidently walk (usually around 18 months). They are widely accepted by cyclists and the cycling media as being the best first step towards independent riding. They are suitable for use inside and outside which means plenty of time to practice with no pressure and purely at the pace of the toddler.



As you can see in the video, Lucas loved it from the moment he registered what it was and that love hasn’t faded away. This bike is his go to toy every time. He tried taking it to the bath with him as well as putting it in bed with him! Thankfully, he compromised and parked it up by the wardrobe until morning. When he gets ready to go out, he immediately goes to get his bike, there is no option of going out without it now. It doesn’t take up much space though so it is easy for popping in the boot next to his pram.

He has found it really easy to use and can go a good distance on it. The compact design and slim wheels has made it simple to learn how to steer and balance. When he has had enough of riding, he picks it up and walks with it. It only weighs 800g so it isn’t a struggle for him to carry and its also easy for me to carry if I do end up carrying both Lucas and the bike.


Todllebike2 review


I am really impressed with it, I can’t fault the quality or design at all and I love that it hasn’t been overpriced. It is something that the majority of parents will be able to afford.

All materials are CE-approved, TUV certified, and manufactured in Europe. It also comes with a 3 year no-quibble guarantee , that is very impressive for the price! The plastic design is easy to clean, Lucas has had it out in the rain and insisted on riding it through grassy areas and I have managed to remove it all easily.

If you would like to win one for your little one in red, blue or pink, enter below x



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  1. This is a fab starter bike. My son is 2 and it would be the perfect size for him. Also the durability looks good so it could easily be passed down. I’d happily buy this at that price!

  2. My Theo would get up to mischief on this! He never sits still so he can broom to his hearts delight!

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  4. I would love one of these for my little boys second birthday in July. We’ve just got a puppy and this would make it easier on walks x

  5. I’ve heard an awful lot about these and it’s all been good! Not been fortunate enough to see one in the flesh yet though

  6. Fabulous giveaway and a great review. On my daughters birthday present list for her birthday if I dont win one.

  7. These sound fantastic! Would love a pink one for my little girl Sofia! Beats carrying round a scooter aswell when they get fed up (remember this too well with my Son Leo)!

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