How lovely has the weather been recently? The lovely lady behind SnoozeShade sent Lucas a SnoozeShade Plus*, £29.99 to test out and make the most of the sunshine whilst it’s here.

SnoozeShade have products for cots, baby car seats, prams and pushchairs. They are designed to protect from the sun as well as block out light and distractions to help little ones get their sleep. All SnoozeShade products are designed with safety as the number one feature and every member of the SnoozeShade family has been put through a wide range of stringent safety tests.

Snoozeshade review

All too often, and I was guilty of doing this a couple of times last year, I see muslin cloths or blankets draped over pushchairs. As parents, we think we are doing the right thing by keeping baby in the shade but research has shown that these methods increase the heat inside the pram causing the baby to overheat. SnoozeShade is the safe alternative to this.

Snoozeshade review

The SnoozeShade Plus is suitable from approximately 6 months to 4 years. It can be used as a sun shade to protect against the UV rays or as a blackout to encourage naptime. It is made up of 2 layers, when both layers are closed it protects against 99% of UV rays, when 1 layer is unzipped it still protects against 80% of UV rays and acts as an insect net aswel so perfect for taking on holiday. When the one layer is unzipped, the child can see out, when the panel is zipped up it returns to being a blackout. There is also another zip above the panel for you to discreetly check on the child without disturbing him.


When it isn’t in use it fold easily to keep in the pram, car or changing bag.

The idea of this is great and for all the benefits of protecting against sun, insects and maintaining naptimes, I think it is definitely worth the money. However, there always has to be that awkward child and it turns out that Lucas is the one. He didn’t dislike the cover on so it is great for protecting him against the sun and insects (definitely going to be packing it in our suitcase) but as a blackout to encourage him to nap, I think it distracted him more as he isn’t used to being in darkness for his day time naps. If I had started using this when he was a baby, it probably would work but as soon as I zip the second layer he shouts Hiya to fight his sleep, remind me he’s there and I think mainly to look for reassurance that I haven’t left him x


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  1. That is definitely handy to have especially in the summer. I used to just drape a light blanket over T when she was little, but I recently read an article that said it’s actually dangerous to do that since the blanket (no matter how thin) can overheat the inside of the pram and that totally freaked me out.

  2. I would find this so handy to have for my son during the warmer days however I think he won’t like being able to see as much as he loves looking around at things when out and about.

  3. Very useful. You just can’t be too careful when the sun and little ones are involved x

  4. I keep seeing these but I have never had a one for my own children, I probably should have as they were both summer babies. I have never even thought of getting my son a one as I thought he was too old at almost two, good to see older children can use them to x

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