Lucas was recently sent* some Plus-Plus to review. Plus- Plus is a fun, interactive building system where a child can be creative and strengthen motor skills with shape, colour and form. Plus-Plus are interlocking building shapes that require only the child’s imagination. You can build 2D or 3D and mix and match different sets of them. There are bigger shapes, ideal for 1 years and over and then smaller ones aimed at 5-12 year olds. Toys like these are great for an abundance of things at this age, from their dexterity, hand eye co-ordination and encouraging free play to use their imagination and explore the world themselves.


Plus-Plus review. Lucas is lying on the floor playing with plus plus


Within the sets, there are diagrams suggesting how to make certain characters and shapes. They are not full on instructions though, which i really liked, as it involved problem solving for both myself and Lucas, and made us think whilst we were building. We have both really enjoyed creating shapes and buildings with them and I found it quite relaxing. If you are into adult colouring or crafts, I would definitely recommend trying some of these as it’s quite therapeutic!


Plus-Plus review


I love that you don’t need anything other than these blocks too and that they don’t take up too much space, they are fab for popping in a pencil case and taking out when you are going on a journey or somewhere that you know, a little entertainment will be needed at some point. They are a great boredom buster and I love how versatile it is for building skill and age, it’s rare that you can get a product to keep any age occupied.


Plus-Plus review


The lovely people over at DKL Toys have offered to give one lucky reader a huge selection of Plus-Plus including

Pastel Tube, Stegosaurus Tube, Pirate 70 piece, Neon 220 Piece, Zoo 760 Piece, Big Piece Standard 100 Piece and Big Piece Pastel 20 Piece worth £77

To enter, use the app below. Good luck x



Plus-Plus review #DKLToys


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  1. These look fantastic I have never seen them before.My boy loves anything he can build with he would love these.

  2. These sound fantastic. I have never heard of them before. I am sure my little boy is going to be a future engineer. He would love this.

  3. they look fantastic! I’ve not heard of them before, but i’d certainly stock up on them for christmas!

  4. Never seen them before my son has additional needs that affect his motor skills so this wouldn’t be fab never seen the movie before!

  5. Great fun, whilst gaining skills. Wonderful opportunity to make use of the imagination, be creative and innovative with constructive toy.

  6. I haven’t heard of this company before but looks really interesting. It sounds silly but my son has a rubber which has little puzzle pieces like this and he loves making shapes out of it he can sit there for hours… if we won this, wow he would sit there for days.

  7. I thought I was familiar with every construction toy on the market but this one is new to me and looks great fun

  8. My girls love anything like this, I bet it would keep them busy for hours. You little one looks like he is enjoying paying with them.

  9. Oh these looks fab and seem to offer more freedom than Lego which now seems to set based. Thanks for the chance, my son would love these.

  10. I love the look of these! I’d have so much fun doing this with my eldest. If he let’s me join in that is! Otherwise I may have to wait until he’s in bed lol

  11. this looks fab and a great activity for fine motor skills development – I have never heard of it before

  12. This looks such a fabulous activity! My little princess would love it! I love the way it is so much fun, but also helps with developing motor skills and co-ordination.

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