As a Babyologist, Lucas was sent the Paw Patrol Air Patroller*, £39.99 from Toys R Us to review. It is aimed at 3+ year olds so Lucas (17 months) is really too young for it but he absolutely loves it.

Paw Patrol Air Patroller

The patroller comes with Robo Dog to help pilot the plane, the plane can easily transform from plane to helicopter by rotating the propellers. The plane and helicopter make different engine sounds and the lights can be switched on with the press of a button. Lucas really enjoys pressing the buttons, listening to the engine and seeing the lights. He is also obsessed with opening the cockpit and cargo bay to see what he can fit in. The cockpit is advertised as being able to fit 2 characters in and the cargo bay with 4 characters. The amount of random toys Lucas has crammed in, I would say there is enough room for more characters than that. The patroller is also robust, I was worried he was going to break it before I took any photos but having been pushed off the sofa a few times and sat on (I’m pretty sure Lucas thought he and Robo Dog were going to fly off together) the isn’t a single mark on it.

Paw patrol air patroller

I think Lucas is going to enjoy playing with this for a few years as at the moment he likes it for storing things and pressing the buttons but as he gets older he will hopefully start playing with it in imaginative play, flying it around the living room x


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  1. Oh we are big fans of Paw Patrol!
    This sounds like fun, I think the sounds and lights would instantly grab my little ones attention! x

  2. Wow, that looks like such a fun toy for his age. T is turning 6 next month and has outgrown Paw Patrol. She used to love them though. x

  3. My little one is four, we don’t watch paw patrol but he does love helicopters and planes so would love it just for that, it looks likes so much fun too! 🙂

  4. I think that this toy will bring a lot of creative moments and fun in your child’s life, in a few years. His imagination will grow wild and you will soon hear a new story 🙂

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